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A group of scientists found a dimensional portal in Antarctica – They sent a Probe inside.


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The following discovery was actually made by a team of experts that wanted to research the ice and climate of a rather strange phenomenon that they simply put could not explain the existence of.   


Essentially, they discovered the fact that a mysterious vortex formed right above their station, one that strangely enough appeared right next to a mysterious pyramid that disappeared after the pyramid was gone.  

The scientists claimed that the climate and the mountains here could be used to hide even more pyramids, stargates, and interdimensional portals and that the vortex could have been a defense mechanism for when someone unauthorized finds one such pyramid.

The team also uncovered the disappearance of many people in the area followed by UFO encounters. This didn’t happen in the 80s either, it actually happened back in March of 2019.       

They first believed that it could all just be the result of a polar storm but as they got closer and closer to the truth, they couldn’t help but notice the strange phenomenon for what it really was.   

They even said that as far as they can tell Antarctica could have been used to hide a massive stargate which could easily lead to other dimensions.        

Another popular theory is that all of these phenomena are actually orchestrated by an ancient civilization that lives underneath the ice of Antarctica. 

What do you think?   
 More information will follow in the future.
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