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Haunted In New York


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Haunted In New York
Last Updated: August 2011

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Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Adirondack Mountains - Big Moose lake - This was featured on unsolved mysteries and is the topic of books, and a movie called a place in the sun. In the early 1900s Grace Brown was drowned by her fiance, Chester Gilette. She haunts a cabin. Reports say that they have tried to pull the string on a light and they feel a cold hand, see her drowning, or see apparitions at the lake..

Albany - Cherry Hill - an unidentified ghost has been seen on the lower floors and terrace.

Albany - Education Building - In the basement there is an elevator that leads to the sub-basement. The sub-basement goes down another four floors and is nicknamed "the dungeon". It was said that when workers were laying the cement for the sub-basement a co-worker went mysteriously missing, his lunch and house keys were found but he wasn't. It was assumed that when laying the cement floor he must have fallen in and no one saw it happen. People who are new to the building are told about this ghost and the name given to him, "Jason." (for no real reason)To this day there have been many reports from people who travel down there for old documents and books. He will travel with you up the old steel elevators and you will get chills that will go all over your body. It feels like you have walked into a cold spot. And as soon as the chills start they will stop again. He will turn on the lights after they have been turned off (maybe to read so old books). He has also been known to help people look for books that they can't find. Books will mysteriously fall off of shelves and it will be the book that you were looking for. People say that they can feel him watching them work when they work down in "the dungeon". Many people have seen him out of the corner of their eye, but as soon as you turn your head to look at him he's gone again. He's also scared a few people enough to never want to go down there alone or again but he has never harmed anyone. He's become a part of everyday life with all of the people who work in the sub-basement.

Albany - Sage College of Albany - Formerly - Junior College of Albany/Russell Sage - Fine Arts building on Albany Campus have numerous ghosts that still can be heard. Buildings were at one time a Children's Sanitarium (Parson's home for children) is located next door. - September 2004 update: a new Fine Arts building has been built and the old Fine Arts building is now the Graphic Design building. the ghosts that reside there are from an orphanage and died in a fire in the bacement set by the owner/caretaker that also haunts the premisis.

Albany - The Capitol building - said to be haunted by a custodian who was killed in a fire many years ago.

Albany - The College of Saint Rose - There are 4 houses reported here to be haunted. 3 of them have been identified to some extent. One is a 7 year old little girl killed in a fire, another is a priest, another is a musician who committed suicide in Chicago and another is a gardener. The Dean of Students has all the details and gives a presentation on it every year. Many students have witnessed many things.

Albany - University at Albany - Mohican Hall - Located on Indian Quad. A young ghost is said to wander the halls late at night and has startled many residents of the dorm. The first known sightings occurred in 1994.

Albany - University At Albany - Pierce Hall - located on Alumni Quad is said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman. Nobody knows who she is or why she walks the halls late at night. Many students have claimed to seen this ghostly specter all year round endlessly walking the halls.

Albany - Wolf Road - Professor Java's Coffee Sanctuary - Middle age gentlemen seen in walking past mirrors but when you turn there is no one there. Workers hear noises at night and sometimes lights come off and on. Spirit does not like to be around when there are many people but late during the night you get a strange feeling of heaviness and even hairs sticking up on your arms. A spirit of a dog can also be sometimes heard and seen. Building has gone many extensive renovations. It was once an old house, and then renovated to a hair stylist, it also has been reported by several people to have been at one time a secret illegal meth production house that was shut down. Spirit has been felt standing behind people and in some cases breathing down their necks behind them or being lightly touched or pushed. The activity stems from the basement. Some workers refuse to go down there by themselves.

Albany County - Selkirk - GE Plastics - The site of GE in Selkirk used to be the Becker farm. It is over 300 acres. The original farm house is still intact and was occupied on and off with offices until March of 2004. There had been many stories from employees on what they had seen or heard. The story goes that Mr. Becker caught his wife having sex with one of the slaves. He took the slave and pushed him down a very narrow out of the way set of slave stairs and he died, he then took a knife and killed his wife by cutting her head off or attempting to anyway. He was so grief stricken about his wife having an affair and the fact that he killed her, he went to the basement and hung himself. When in the basement sometimes the lights will all blow out or other things will turn on and off. And when on the second floor where he supposedly killed his wife there is a strange smell, kind of like perfume. And when going up or down the slave stairs you get a strange sense of being watched or followed. There are also motion detectors and intrusion alarms. some guards say there that sometimes they will go off, when the building is completely empty. And they will go off in a strange order, sometimes near the basement and then almost immediately near the stairs. Sometimes it appears as if someone is walking through. They will check the system to see who accessed the Becker House and see that no one has.

Alden - Erie County Home and Infirmary - The third floor is said to be haunted. Workers there have heard noises upstairs even though it is now vacant on that floor. From outside you can see a man standing in the window sometimes. Lights have been seen on even though there is no electricity running on that floor.

Alexandria Bay - Boldt Castle - Castle built in early 1900's,which was never completed due to the death of the builder's wife. Heartbroken, he left it, never to return. On many nights, a light can be seen in the uppermost windows of the castle, said to be the ghost of Mrs. Boldt.

Alfred - State University of New York - Alfred Mackenzie Complex - The Mackenzie Dormitory of Alfred State College. Rumor has it that the architect of the MacKenzie Complex committed suicide in the south part of the Complex. This is because the school made changes the Complex so it wouldn't look like an reverse "swastika."

Allegany - St. Boneventure - Fancis Hall - It's very old and many monks used to live there. Workers and students have reported weird noises and feelings of spirits. No one likes to go in there at night.

Allegany - Wing Hollow/Ski Wing Resort - This place was a nice ski resort which opened in the late 1950s. In the 60s/70s, several people were crushed/dismembered in a lift accident, a little boy drowned in the pond at the base, and a janitor in the chalet was shot in the head executioner-style by the two people who robbed the place for $17,000. They were never caught. Reported white figures in the road, people walking with ski-equipment, man following you in the chalet, little boy screaming, your car stalls at the base of the hill and you see white faces in the rear window.

Allegany - Wing Hollow/Ski Wing Resort – Speak Easy - speak-easy down the road from the Ski resort, which Al Capone visited, people were killed there in the 30s. Very freaky swamp surrounding it, and faces can be seen in the windows.

Amherst - Daemen College - Curtis Hall - It is said that two brothers had gotten into a fight, and had hung themselves at the same time on separate sides of their home in Curtis Hall. People have felt the presence of these two brothers, and say that the brothers have tried to play tricks on the people who visit and work in Curtis Hall. They will move chairs around, and tie knots in your shoelaces.

Amsterdam - Captain Video - Often at night when the store is closed flashes of lights and small orbs seem to appear. An apparition of a young woman will be seen and disappear.

Amsterdam - Widow Susan Cemetery - To start off, the story goes that at the top of the hill before the cemetery you are supposed to turn off your car head lights and as your coasting down the hill, you chant Widow Susan three times then turn on your lights and turn into the cemetery. Reports of cars not starting, something trying to open car doors from the outside. Words being written cars have also been reported.

Angola - Holland Rd - Pigmans Rd - Location of both a tragic train accident and heinous murders of a killer known as pigman. Many stories throughout the years of supernatural activity.

Annandale-on-Hudson - Bard College - Blithewood Mansion - Students and faculty have long reported noises and poltergeist activity at the mansion. Sightings of a ghostly young girl between the ages of 8-12 have also been mentioned in the house and the surrounding gardens. The spirit is believed to be the daughter of Captain Andrew C. Zabriskie, the former owner and builder of the house. One winter their daughter either fell or jumped to her death out the window of their New York apartment and it is said she remains at the summer house because she disliked Manhattan while alive. An eerie postscript: before her death, Capt. Zabriskie commissioned a sculptor to create 4 statues of her for each 3 years of her life up to the age of 12 in the gardens; but to this day only three statues are present, along with an empty pedestal for the fourth one.

Astoria - Queens - American Museum of the Moving Image - Foot steps following you at night in the office area. A deep voice herd for a man in the hallway. People heard talking from the vents when no one else was in the building. A black women, in a white dress seen sitting at the desk in the entrance lobby.

Aurora - The Aurora Inn - There is a ghost named the white lady that i have experienced and heard of haunting the hotel and lobby of the Aurora Inn off route 90. Waiters and waitresses will even tell you that down on the shorefront of Cayuga Lake, there was once and old building that burned down and three people died. Two male ghosts haunt the shore and the white lady haunts the hotel, which is now being renovated into a restaurant and museum.

Aurora - Wells College - The Main Building - Wells College actually has a number of ghost stories. One of the most prevalent however, is that of the ghostly nurses. Many years ago, when a brutal influenza epidemic swept the nation, many students fell ill. The college then turned the fourth floor of the main building into an infirmary. Students who live there today will occasionally wake in the middle of the night to find a ghostly nurse standing over their beds. Some witnesses even claim that the ghost will go as far as to place a cold hand upon the student's forehead.

Averill Park - Averill Park High School Woods - Has been removed out of respect for the family and the unsafe conditions of the area.

Baldwinsville - Jacksonville Cemetary - Eerie things seen in the back of the cemetary, a stream in the back of the woods seems to pull you towards it. Often eerie sounds heard at night, and a black cat with glowing green eyes seems to watch anyone who walks in. As you near the back, more creepy feelings seem to come upon you. Often a teenage girl is seen wandering seemingly aimlessly throughout the nights, watching, sometimes following people. In the back woods, gunshots are often heard, and screams following.

Baldwinsville - Whiskey Hollow - It is a 5 mile road with no street lights or houses. It is all forest. It is said that back in the old days devil worshipers and members of the KKK used to worship up there and kill children as sacrifices...it is said that if you drive down the road at night you can see the children walking and there is also a bloody blanket. it is a very eerie feeling.- June 2005 Update/ Correction: The story of the KKK and satanic rituals is most likely false. Rumors are told that at some point in the past it was told that a man had been wrongly convicted of committing murder. Either as punishment or in holding before his punishment he was placed in a small shack at the end of Whiskey Hollow Road. Due to some mysterious circumstances the man died in that shack before his execution or during his incarceration there. Stricken with the grief of not only his wrongful conviction but also his untimely death his wife hung herself on a tree down Whiskey Hollow Road upon hearing the news of his death. Many claimed the tree still stands there.

Ballston Lake - Hunters Woods - Documentation of apparitions, Sounds of children laughing, gunshots heard in the late hours of the night on several occasions, in the 1500's it is rumored that the murders of over 60 people took place in what would become hunters woods during a take over of the nearby town Atla.

Bannerman Island - Ruins of a replica of Scottish castle - built by a wealthy Arms dealer that was destroyed in a fire caused by a lightning strike. You can hear bells, horses and strange lights. - August 2005 Additional Information: the castle was a strong hold storing munitions, gun powder & other explosives. Reports are that it is not safe to go ashore due to the fact there may still be explosives there.

Barnes Corners - Tug Hill - On Rt. 177 a woman has been seen walking along the road, only to disappear in the rearview mirror. Other times she has been seen headless along the side of the road. The story goes that her and her baby were in a car accident, where she was killed. Somebody stopped to help and the baby was saved. She walks up and down the road searching for her missing baby.

Barkersville - The Homestead Asylum - It was a hospital for patients with TB. The place is rumored to still be inhabited by the spirits of the dead.

Basom - Indian Falls - Back in the late 1900's (no specific date sorry) a women and her husband were traveling along the edge of the falls. And the husband fell in. It's claimed that she didn't want to live without him. She jumped in too. People have claimed that still today they can see that women and sometimes they see Red light or orbs floating around the spots she died. - Feuary 2005 Update: many people have drowned there but two in particular stand out. In the late 1950's two brothers were swimming at the bottom of the falls when one went out too far and started to sink. The other brother then jumped in to save him but unfortunately both drowned and are seen quite regularly by the staff of the Log cabin.

Batavia - Tonawanda Creekside North - On the north side of the Tonawanda, in the City of Batavia, lies the old Pioneer Cemetery. It was moved more than seventy years ago to the center of Batavia because of a flooding problem. When the creek flooded, it would sometimes wash up a body or two. It is believed that not all of the bodies were relocated. There now stands a number of businesses where the original cemetery once was. People claim to this day of seeing a mysterious woman in gray walking along the creekside.

Bellport - Kreamer Elementary School - There were numerous sightings of a young boy in the second grade hallway by several witnesses. Doors being pushed open, tripping people and his shadow has been seen.

Bemus Point - Casino - The Casino is a teen dance place. The Ghost that haunts it is known as Jordan Basile, a young chef there who died when the oven blew up. He was around the age of 15. Now when they hold dances, food mysteriously disappears and people often trip and fall when nothing was in their path. Jordan Basile is seen at the new oven on August 16th (the date of his death) every 2 years making what appears to be lobster, which was his specialty.

Bethany - Old Genesee County Home and Infirmary - The old county poor farm and insane asylum has had over 1,000 deaths documented on the property. Owners and others have seen hundreds of ghosts roaming the halls. Doors slam, voices call out, items misplaced etc. Many psychics and paranormal investigators have documented such happenings. Many photos taken show orbs, ectoplasm, and actual ghostly apparitions. Property was in operation from 1827-1974 as county home, and stood empty until 1992,when opened as antique and craft mall. 3rd floor of west wing, that housed the nurses, is very very haunted. Paranormal investigations are currently being held there. Museum opening on site will offer much history. Genesee County history dept has compiled a book of all documented deaths at site, and is available for viewing.

Binghamton - The Roberson Museum and Science Center - It is haunted by the ghost of Alonzo Roberson who built the Roberson Mansion which is part of the museum complex. It is said that he haunts the elevator and halls of his home.

Bluffs Point - Gerretts Memorial - orbs of light, green glows, feeling of being grabbed...when checked upside down blood cross was revealed. Story has it that a young boy, priest, and a woman haunt this chapel. Also a child screams can be heard.

Boonville - Lovers Lane road (Formerly the old French road) - has been known to be haunted by the ghosts of French settlers trying to reach Canada. On warm summer nights many people have reported hearing the creak of the wagon wheels.

Broadalbin - Broadalbin hotel - Witnesses report that they feel someone sitting on the bed, playing with their feet. People have seen ghostly figures in really old military uniforms walking the hallways at night. Lights will go on and off by themselves.

Brewster - Federal Hill Rd. - There are several, seemingly, unrelated stories about this road which starts as Federal Hill Road in Brewster, New York and ends as Joe's Hill Road in Danbury, Connecticut. The most pronounced story is that of the Jesus Tree (cut down in the early 1990's). This tree with the image of Jesus on the crucifix was said to "bleed" a red substance from its trunk when they cut it down. There are twelve trees evenly spaced and equal in stature directly following where the Jesus Tree stood. These are said to be the twelve apostles. When you travel farther down the road (eastbound), you come to a very curious looking estate. this ominous looking estate is actually Morefar Golf Club. This is believed to be a cover for something else. Word of links to the Satanic church have been bantered about. The main entrance has a sign reading "Back 'o Beyond". Interesting welcome for a country club. Immediately following Morefar, and across the street is Farrington Pond. There have been several stories about people driving off the road, into the pond, claiming to have seen "something". The undifinitive story of this pond is that a young lady, on her way to a High School Prom, went off the road and into the pond. She was said to have drowned. When the moonlight hits the water, people have been known to see an image in a prom dress on top of the water, dancing - alone. In 1988, a young man named Dean, was found in his car on the side of the pond (just off the road), dead from gun shot wounds to the back of his head. The two men who were responsible were captured within a week. It is unknown whether this has anything to do with the spirit of the pond, but, if nothing else, it adds to the eeriness of the road.

Brewster - Jesus Tree - Tree was recently cut down because too many people were doing satanic rituals and gatherings in the fields behind the tree. It is said that the area around the tree is haunted and numerous people have seen apparitions and driven their car into the lake.

Bridgewater - Bridgewater Congregational Church - Reports of what seems to be a female ghosts. people have said that they see her out of the corner of their eye and when they look she has disappeared. Some people have seen her walking on the balcony during the service.

Brockport - State University of New York - Brockport - Hartwell Hall - Hartwell Hall was the first building on the SUNY Brockport campus, originally used as the Brockport Normal School, a school for teachers. Cleaning staff over the years have claimed to experience things when they are alone in the building. One spoke of a periodic flurry of ghostly activity in the hallways on one of the upper floors when spirits change classes -- doors sounding as if they're opening and closing, faint laughter and voices in the hallways... Another staff member swore she was touched on the shoulder while cleaning a classroom, only to turn around and find no one. She also said she was cleaning one of the ballet rooms and, slipping from her stepladder and falling backwards, was caught by an unknown force and set down gently, unharmed. In the basement, where an empty pool sits, workers are sure they've heard splashing.

Bronx - Fordham University - Fordham is built on two things - the old Rose Hill manor, and an old hospital that were taken down in the late 1830's for construction of the campus. there are still tunnels that connect a lot of the buildings on campus.

Bronx - Fordham University - Administration Building - there is a smell of cigar smoke in the halls.

Bronx - Fordham University - Collins Auditorium - Student and faculty had reportedly seen a man walking around on the balconies above the stage itself. Strange whispers are heard and cold sensations are frequently felt by young Fordham thespians. The building is just one of countless haunted places on the campus, which include Martyrs Court, Teirney Hall, Millenium Hall, Lombardi Center, Coffey Feild, Dwane Library, and Freeman Hall. - If you have any additional information of any of these locations, please email Haunted Places

Bronx - Fordham University - Finlay Hall - was used long ago as the medical school. Residents have been awoken numerous times by unseen hands grabbing at their throat.

Bronx - Fordham University - Hughes Hall - Hauntings are reported to happen all over the campus. In Hughes Hall students report locked doors swinging open and there is a young boy who has been known to appear in rooms in the late hours of the night.

Bronx - Fordham University - Keating Hall - basement - This building is not original to the campus. It was possibly built over the morgue tunnels in the 1930's. The basement was the original cafateriea, and once the new cafeteria was built it was turned in to a congressional library. They are currently renovating it to be a student center. Late 1970's: a security guard was on his break in the basement lounge of Finlay, when the doors closed themselves and the chairs started to bang themselves against the wall. he got up and the hell out of there and quit his job on the spot.

Bronx - Fordham University - Keating Hall - First Floor - There is an area on the first Floor in Keating Hall with chairs and historial items on display. You can sit there in between classes if you like. However, few students do because when you sit there, you have a feeling of being watched. There are cold spots, even in the summer and you see shadows. Rumors are they are spirits are Jesuits that have past.

Bronx - Fordham University - Keating Hall - 3rd Floor - Reports of being touched on the shoulder & seeing an apparition form in a blue room.

Bronx - Fordham University - Keating Hall - Auditorium - there is a staircase above the auditorium. Again, cold spots and a witness has seen a chair tumbling down the stairs when no one was there.

Bronx - Fordham University - Martyr's Court - a large dormitory on the campus. Residents have reported seeing a young, blond-haired girl standing in the shower, behind the curtain, staring straight ahead. The dean's response when they wanted to move was "It's March. This sort of thing happens all the time, and worse, so just try to turn the other cheek." They also report seeing a man walking by their rooms, in the direction of a wall at the end of the hall. When they would go out to see who it was, he'd be gone, also hear children's laughter in the walls of their apartment.

Bronx - Fordham University - O'Hare Hall - A worker was killed during the construction of the building.It has been rumored that he still roams the halls, banging on walls as if he was still working on the building.

Bronx - Hazel Towers - it Has been and Said that random apartments are haunted in this building. no one knows why. but these ghosts are mean ghosts.

Bronx - Holy Spirit School - School used to be a parish for nuns and the nuns reportedly died of unknown reasons in the top floor. Many people have heard some noises upstairs and once found blood on one of the abandoned bathroom sinks.

Bronx - Old Candy Store on 32nd street - Rare sighting have been a common thing here. Two ghosts' here are still haunting this store and still have for at least 36 years. A father who worked here was shot and murdered by a robber. They seem to here a weird voice here although no one has seen anything or anyone. The second is the ghost of the father's son. He was also shot and killed a few days later. He was crawling and trying to get help, but he died soon after. Bloodstains and marking have been seen on the sidewalk near the store. To this day, the ghost don't bother anyone in the store, although the father's ghost is STILL looking for the murderer

Bronx - Strawberry Fields of Silver Beach Gardens - In the fields at the edge of this small beach town, stands an old abandoned farmhouse overlooking the water. People say that a large mansion once accompanied the farmhouse. The residents of the mansion were very wealthy and many people were jealous of them. One man went to the extreme and caught their house on fire. The entire house was destroyed, but the family was able to escape to the farmhouse in time. The police came to investigate, but feared the people of Silver Beach would move if they heard about the arson. The police simply said that there was a tragic fire and the family had died. They even went as far as to say the field could be used for children to play. The suspect was never found, and the family continued to live secretly in the farmhouse. In 1950, ten years after the fire, the suspect who set the fire returned. He murdered the entire family the night before Halloween by stabbing them to death. The next evening, a group of teenagers came to the field to hang out. The young daughter, who had been able to escape the murderer, was going crazy looking for her family. The teens watched in horror as she ran to the water and dived in. She drowned instantly, since she was unable to swim. They reported the incident to the police. They searched everywhere but the girl was never found. The only description the teenagers could give of the girl was that she had strawberry colored hair. Every Halloween since the incident, the girl's ghost can be seen frantically searching for her family and the murderer.

Bronx - West of the I95 highway - there is an empty lot behind some houses that are now built on Baisley Ave. In among the trees at night u can sometimes see the little girl that was murdered there over 70 years ago and she was thrown in the swamps alive.

Bronx - Woodlawn Park - Frankie's Castle - You can see an old man with a flashlight. He seems to be yelling something but you can't hear him. He might be there because it's an old water treatment plant.

Bronxville - Concordia College - Bohm Hall - is haunted by a girl who was raped in it a number of years ago.

Bronxville - Concordia College -Feth Hall - is inhabited by a ghastly Rev Dr. Henry Feth.

Bronxville - Concordia College - Rippe Hall - is haunted by a little girl who lived in the house that was there before the dorm was built.

Bronxville - Concordia College - Sieker Hall - is haunted by a pre-seminary student who died of pneumonia many years ago.

Brooklyn - Greenpoint - McCarren Park - There used to be a pool here where a little girl drowned, she is seen roaming the area at night calling for help.

Brooklyn - Highland park - Ghostly apparitions of a woman and her child have been seen and have caused many auto accidents.

Brooklyn - Oriental Manor - Catering Hall - the place is haunted by two guys and a girl. At night you can hear walking (foot steps), and doors shutting. It's possible that they were killed there and brought down to the basement by the alleged mafia people who owned it years ago.

Brooklyn - Marine Park - A little girl was brutally raped, tortured, sodomized and killed there. the guy who killed her shot himself after. Every body who has lived there have claimed to see what the killer and the little girl look like. Witnesses also report footsteps, screaming and rape noises. it was said that you hear horrible noises and the smell of death is there.(stench of death.)

Brooklyn - Most Holy Trinity Church - January 2006: New information has been issued for this haunting, the submission has been rewritten.
The church was built between 1882 and 1885; the school, built in 1887, is located on a site that had been a cemetery from 1841 until 1853. The church's first two pastors, priests who had been Vicar Generals of the Brooklyn Diocese, are buried in a crypt under the narthex of the church. There are mysterious passageways on the "triforium" level of the church where it is said that only priests are able to enter. Originally posted for this haunting it was mentioned Bishops where buried here, this is untrue. NO BISHOPS WERE EVER BURIED AT THE CHURCH. The church property covers an entire city block; it is said that there are false closets leading to tunnels throughout the church and convent. Mysterious sub-basements and bricked-up doorways suggest concealed passageways. It is said that run-away slaves used these areas to hide when escaping to the North. A number of people have died while praying in the church. The church's second pastor built the church's rectory in 1872; he died in the building while sleeping in his second-floor room in 1895; the same room is used as a guest room by the priest who live in the building today. No-one wishes to take up permanent residence in the room in which the priest died. Guests have claimed to have heard strange noises and the sounds of someone walking back and forth while staying in the room. It is said that loud footsteps can be heard up and down the four floors of stairs at late hours of the night. Dogs have been known to stare, as in a trance, at the stairs leading to the basement and into the dining room when it has been very cold in the house. It always feels like other people are in the building, even when someone is alone there. The lights in the school gym have been known to go on and off without any reasonable explanation. At night, it is said that voices, and the sounds of people walking back and forth, can be heard in the school building. George Stelz, the parish sexton and bell ringer, was murdered in the vestibule of the church in August of 1897; while there was a prime suspect in the crime (a man who had been a parishioner of Trinity, and who was eventually executed for a different murder), no-one was ever convicted of the Stelz murder. The blood of Mr. Stelz, as well as the bloody hand-print of the murderer, are said to be still on the wall in a stairway leading to the bell tower. It is said that the spirit of Mr. Stelz roams the building and will do so until the crime is solved. The name of Mr. Stelz appears in a stained glass window he had donated to the church twelve years before his murder. The bells to the church are said to ring sometimes without explanation; it is believed that the ghost of Mr. Stelz rings the bells in order that people will not forget him after all these 109 years since his murder. For more information about the church, Check out the Trinity web site at mhtbrooklyn.org

Brooklyn - Shadows - Located in sunset park Brooklyn, It's an old monastery where priests and nuns still live. On certain nights there's a window on the left side where you can see the shadow of a nun and the window beneath her you can see the shadow of her son. Supposedly many years ago a priest that lived there raped the nun she than became pregnant and killed herself and her son. There are rumors of a women crying and images of a nun sitting in a rocking chair by a window.

Brooklyn - St. Joseph's High school - In the computer room on the third floor there tends to be noises while no one is in the room you can feel breathing and it always feels like someone's watching you when there no one around your can hear walking and footsteps one girl says that someone once pulled her hair but when she turned around no body was there.

Buffalo - Buffalo Naval Park - The S.S. The Sullivans - This ship was named after the five Sullivan brothers who were killed in WWII on the same destroyer. Caretakers have all had experiences aboard the ship including lights turning on and off. Doors are locked at night with the caretaker having the only key and the doors will be unlocked the next day. The keys have been changed frequently.

Buffalo - Buffalo Psychiatric Center - This foreboding castle-like structure is located on Forest Avenue and dates back two centuries. The facilities have long since been shut down, but the mental incurables still haunt the place. Underground catacombs still contain equipment used in the unorthodox methods believed to make these poor souls right. Back in those days, mental patients were subject to unusual and cruel treatments. The spirits of these unfortunate souls have been seen roaming the dark and melancholy facilities.

Buffalo - Canisius College - Christ the King Chapel - where voices have been heard in the confessionals; a ghost hunting expedition in 2004 resulted in a number of students seeing the image of an old man in the basement as the ghost hunter snapped a picture.

Buffalo - Canisius College - Frisch residence hall - The 5th floor - allegedly haunted by a student who committed suicide, who has been seen by students in the dorms and bathrooms.

Buffalo - Canisius College - Lyons - The 4th floor - allegedly haunted by a nun; many people with no prior knowledge of this have commented on the "eerie" feeling they get on the floor.

Buffalo - Canisius College - Village Townhouses and the Griffin Hall - In addition, many houses rented by students in the surrounding neighborhood are reported to be haunted.

Buffalo - D'Youville College Buffalo - Kessler Administration Building - 3rd and 4th floor and the attic of the - There are many sightings of little kids in that building. Rumor is there used to be an orphanage in that building and the 3rd and 4th floors are where they slept. The attic was where they went for punishment. There have been many instances of security guards seeing weird lights, doors opening after they had already been checked and were locked, sounds of walking in the hallway, but no one is there, and doors slamming shut. On the 4th floor, many people have seen a little girl in a white light walking. Another guard, during a flash of lightening, looked into an office and saw little children sitting at desks. Almost every guard talks about the coolness up there and also the "creepy" feeling and odd noises on those floors.

Buffalo - German Roman Catholic orphanage - vibrant orbs showing up only in pictures. These orbs have depth and colors such as green and orange. they are not circular completely, they have little lines shooting out of them like the sun. there are strange noises and sounds of water running even though the place has been abandoned since the 1980's. 

Buffalo - Grand Island - A husband & wife who were archaeologists, went on a dig at Grand Island in the early 1970s through SUNY Buffalo. First, they said there was a terrible vibe between the people on the team, who were normally good friends. People were making bad decisions and snapping at each other and acting completely unlike themselves. Then, when everyone sat down for lunch, they all heard growls coming from the surrounding woods. The couples were experienced with life outdoors even then and they both said it was not the growl of any animal native to western NY. The growling seemed to surround them and things rustled in the trees. They all packed up and left. My parents told me that there are a lot of Native American spirits there, possibly a burial site.

Buffalo - Holiday Inn - a ghostly little girl has been seen running through the halls.

Buffalo - Kenmore - Lindbergh elementary - Custodian was killed in a fire and died. Kids claim they hear ghostly noises and see white shadows.

Buffalo - Medaille College - This has been said that this school formerly called: School For Boys. It is being haunted by former students who attend & that they appear as normal like kids today, but in searching for teachers, sitting in classrooms in their 1944 clothing attire, behaving themselves while the teachers are teaching.

Buffalo - Naval Serviceman's Park - The U.S.S. Sullivan's is said to be haunted by one of five brothers who died in World War II, named George. He is said to be roaming the ship looking for his younger brothers. There is a room that has pictures of all five, and people have taken pictures of this. The picture of George does not come out, it is a white blur. This ship is a memorial to the brothers.

Buffalo - School #61 - In 1975, it is said that a young boy died in the school pool on the second floor. In English room below, ceiling tiles fall every year describing the word "Help."

Buffalo - Shea's Performing Art Center - many people have said before or after a show they would be by themselves in the building and a nice dressed man with a white mustache would come near them and say isn't it magnificent they look down then look up to respond the man had vanished into thin air.

Buffalo - St. Mary's School for the Deaf - Located on Main Street, many of the students and staff have reported seeing several nuns on 3rd floor in old dormitories. Nuns would go and ring the church bell (its no longer functioning) but students can't hear the bell due to their hearing impairments but there are no reports of sounds but a lot of visuals. A little boy was reported to be seen on campus walking around Bosco Hall since it used to have a swimming pool and now converted into a small gym. Boy drowned in the pool in 1950's (possible earlier) students would also report seeing nuns roaming halls like its a residual haunting. It repeats over and over coming out of a certain door and walking down the hall and disappearing.

Camden - Camden High School - Many years ago, a man who worked at the high school was fixing the lights in the auditorium. By some freak accident, he fell to his death. There were bloodstains on the carpet. To this day, the auditorium will become wicked cold without anybody touching the thermostat, and also lights will go on and off by themselves. Kids who have meetings in the room often complain about feeling someone hit them in the head, or someone poking them, and to come to find nothing is to be found. Once it was even said that during a play that was taking place, a man was interrupted by feeling his sneakers and socks getting wet because of some red liquid type on the floor. Come to find out that's where the man's bloodstain was. The incident was never solved and people still don't know how or what the red stuff was. Early in the morning, you can here a man screaming and a loud thump when you walk past the auditorium, to find nothing and nobody there. The death of the man was covered up, but it sounds like he is coming back and making people aware that he is there.

Camden - Camden Middle School - formerly Old High School - "lights going on and off and screams and moans." In the old part of this very old school mainly on the top floor. in one room (Ma Lyons' old room) lights will go on and off some teachers have reported hearing screams for help and crying. students, coaches, teachers and janitors have reported someone walking behind them and cold spots throughout this old school. In the cellar or ground floor, people have heard walking and noises coming form the old lunch room and girls locker room, when checked no body was there.

Camden - The Old Harden House - On fourth Street is the old Charlie Harden House. Built in the mid 1800's, Charlie Harden, a wealthy man, had this house built where he later died. There have been more than a few sightings of the ghost of Mr. Harden in the ornate foyer, and on the curving stair case connecting to it. Cold spots abound in the house even though extensive work to the work house was completed. The sounds of someone walking on the long curving stairs and landing are often heard mainly in the late afternoon. Children who have lived in the house tell stories of the nocturnal knockings on bedroom doors and walls, and of the bad dreams that accompany them.

Camillus - Brickyards - Walking through there on a clear night, there is said to be a gargoyle that comes out at midnight. Strange winds that only hit certain people & flash lights malfunctioning only to work when leaving the area.

Camillus - Tow Path Ghost - A drunken Canalman is said to have fallen in the water near the aqueduct. He was caught in his own line and dragged to death by his mule. A dark figure can be seen pacing the path leaving behind wet footprints.

Camillus - Walnut West Apartments - One apartment in this complex has been said to be haunted by a little girl. All of the tenants from this one apartment have moved out as fast as they have moved in. When mentioned even the managers of the complex agree that the place is haunted by a little girl. The complex is said to be built on what was once a farm and the little girl was believed to have been killed there.

Canton - St. Lawrence University - It has been reported by a former facilities supervisor that an unknown object has chased employees out of certain areas of the university. Workers report that a large dark shadow chased them. Some employees never returned and others refused to work there alone. The University will not permit any investigating.

Carthage - state street - It is believed that in the 1950's a young married couple was killed in a drunk driving car accident, by 2 teenagers. they all died. at night it is said that the young couple run out in the road and steal young children because they had always wanted to have children. the 2 teenagers will take the children and return them to their parents.

Catskills - devils kitchen campsite located above devils kill in the Indian Head Wilderness Area - This are use to be a mining site from bluestone in the 1800s used to build New York City but was Abandoned due to the switch over to cement. Just north of the campsite there is an abandoned road the runs parallel just downhill of the trail. On that trail at night you can some time see a lantern swinging as if some one was swinging it while walking peacefully down the road how ever there is no way you could peacefully walk down the road today as the road is filled with downed trees crossing it at all angles.

Cayuga - Alpine - Connecticut Hill - Orbs of light, human shapes, mists, and shadows at the location of a old cemetery.

Cazenovia - East Lake Road - Cazenovia is a small town to the south east of Syracuse. One late fall driving on East Lake Road a witness reports seeing apparitions of a young lady and an older woman dressed in 18th Century dresses on the side of the road. As he witness slowed down to see if they needed any help, but then sped up again once they realized that their headlights were passing right through them.

Cazenovia - Cazenovia College - Hubbard Hall - 3rd floor - Residents report having alarm clocks go off and instantaneously their cell phone fly off the desk and door close seconds later no one else in the room besides her.

Central Islip - Central Islip Psychiatric Center- Weird noises coming from the Main hospital where patients were kept. Visions of men working at the abandoned Power plant then just vanishing into thin air. In the engineering building sounds of people screaming and moaning, blood/ IV bags laying around a big room. A woman folding laundry at a lonely laundry table in the Laundry building then sees people and vanishes.

Chemung States - Chemung Elementary School - It is said that an 11 year old boy and girl where killed by an old janitor. If someone went into the school at exactly 2:00 a.m. the ghost of Mallina will appear and anyone that stayed in there for more than 2 hours would never be seen again and a lot more kids have done this and were never heard from again. If you go to the Chemung Cemetery you will see all of the kids graves that were never heard of again and they all say lost son/daughter. ALSO IT WAS SAID THAT THE TEACHERS IN THE SCHOOL HAD BEEN MERDERD BY THE GHOST AND THE TEACHERS THAT ARE TEACHING THERE NOW ARE THERE GHOST AND IF THEY HAD KIDS THERE THEY WERE GHOST TO.

Chester - Heritage Trail - Cemetery of unknown background, or history. Balls of light, black figures sighted on the trail at night. Reports of black figure chasing walkers on the trail. Orbs found on pictures of the cemetery. Footsteps can be heard from behind, when there is no one there. Bright Lights moving down the trail at nighttime. Sounds of a person whistling. Most happenings occur on the path in the direction toward Monroe. There are also many unexplored trails that go into woods, that branch off from the trail.

Chittenango - Creek Road - Creek road is a spooky back road in Chittenango. you must veer off to the left. look in the trees to see a ghostly white image. very creepy!!!! seen 6 times with own eyes don't know what to explain it as.

Chittenango - Gulf Road - a very steep and twisted road in the middle of a dense forest, whose trees come right up to the side of the road. Sightings from driving down the very creepy road at night include seeing a burning cross in the woods, headlights making the shadow of a woman standing on the side of the road (with nobody there to make the shadow), and unknown noises and sightings of spirits.

Clarence - Delaware Rd - in the early morning hours of spring and fall driving down this old carriage road you can feel a presence of old world culture. If on the right night one can make out a man standing roadside holding a lantern, and two feet on the right or left you can see a young girl waiting with the man for something. Warning: Rumors of a kid beaten pretty badly, please do not stop, it may not be safe.

Clifton Springs - Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic (a.k.a. Clifton Springs Sanitarium)- 19th century founder of the original sanitarium /hospital, Dr. Foster has been seen as a full apparition in period dress sitting in the old Woodbury Building in the downstairs lobby. Many other experiences, including noises, very extreme cold spots /blasts, lights turning on & off, shadowy figures, slamming door, bloodspots appearing on walls, etc.

Clinton - Clinton Arena - When the lights are out one can hear strange noises in the arena. Reportedly a few kids entered the arena, and a hockey puck flew at them from the stands and hit the glass. One of the kids sat in a chair where a ghost had been spotted, and the kid's head started to hurt. The other kids said that they saw a white figure on his head. Sometimes when you call the name Lucy, weird things will happen. Some of the folding chairs are often down when they should be up.

Clinton - Clinton Library - This library is haunted by ghosts that roam around in daylight or night. You can hear them whispering and footsteps walking. Sometimes even books fall out of the bookshelves without anyone near them. There is a up stairs, and up there you can hear footsteps coming up and down the stairs.

Clinton - Hamilton College - North Residence Hall - On the third floor of the hall, it's been said that a messenger from the Revolution walks down the hall. Numerous times, it's been reported to stop and point at the 'trespasser' before moving on, disappearing through the wall.

Clinton Corners - Fiddlers Bridge - It is said that back in the early 1900's that a fiddler playing at a local Halloween party was on his way home when he was killed beneath the bridge. Now on Mischief Night and Halloween if you happen to be crossing the bridge around midnight stop your vehicle, roll down the windows and listen for the faint sound of a fiddle playing.

Clymer - Jaquin's Pond - Jaquin's Pond is a swamp with a few narrow dirt roads through the woods. There are several stories about this spooky area. There are three bridges supposedly haunted by the ghost of a school bus driver named George, who committed suicide after a boy was killed in an accident involving his bus; if you stop on the third bridge and say his name three times, your car doors will lock and he will appear (there are several variations). The road also forks, diverging into the "Light Path" and the "Dark Path". Apparently the Dark Path has been the site of more than one teenage suicide. Also surrounding the area are several old stone buildings which,may possibily have been used to be some kind of waterworks, now abandoned.

Cobleskill - The Bulls Head Inn - This Inn was originally home to the Danforths, a prominent local family. Mrs. Danforth did not like drinking. Now that her home is a restaurant that serves alcohol, she has come back to haunt the place. She has been seen sitting in a rocking chair.

Cohoes - Cohoes Music Hall - haunted by several different spirits, in particular by one in the balcony. Many people have seen her, she appears as a woman dressed in 1930's or 40's type clothing(a black dress).She is said to have a very angry look in her eyes. At one point this ghost has been seen in reflections in mirrors. Believed to be an actress by the name of Eva Tangue. Other ghosts seen include the Black Lady, a shadowy, female figure seen and heard in the balcony. There is another ghost, male, who has been heard and seen both onstage and in the wings; this is apparently the specter of a stage manager who was crushed by a sandbag.

Cohoes - The "Cohoes Falls" - Little Indian girl was boating on a hot summer night and plunged into the bottom of the Cohoes Falls. She can be seen only on a full moon paddling desperately trying to escape the rapids. She wears a tomahawk hair and war paint.

Cohoes - Van Schaick Graveyard - Many people claimed to have seen both male and female apparitions, as well as hearing ghostly voices through the locked gates.

Colonie - South Family Drive - There is said to be children and a man playing at the Colonie Reform Church. Sounds can be heard at night such as children laughing, shadows were seen as well.

Commack - Commack Multiplex Cinemas - Sitting in the employee lounge doorknobs turn on their own and lockers open and shut when nobody is near and no windows are even located. As well, brand new glass counters at the concession stand have scratches on them when nothing has touched it and no customers are in the theater.

Cooperstown - Baseball Hall of Fame - It is said that late at night after closing time, baseball legend "Shoeless" Joe Jackson haunts the building. The sound of smashing glass is heard when nothing is broken. The voice of Shoeless Joe is heard complaining about not being elected into the Hall of Fame. The sound of a ball hitting is heard and the roar of the crowd is immense, then the flash of a light appears and suddenly everything is quiet.

Cortland - State University of New York - Cortland - Each year in the Clark dorm building, at Suny Cortland, room 716, a football player is spotted wearing his uniform with a gash in his eyebrow that is bleeding. He is said to be lurking in the hallways and sitting outside on the window sill.

Cortland - State University of New York – Cortland - Brockway Hall - Brockway would be in the middle of the complex with Cheney on one side and Degroat Hall on the other. A former cook in Brockway, which was, at one time, the oldest dining hall on campus. The ground floor houses a snack bar (the original College snack bar) and the first floor was the location of a larger dining hall. One morning while they were making a pot of coffee in the kitchen they turned to see a man standing at the top of the stairs which leads to the ground floor and the loading dock. When they asked if they could help him, he turned to his left without speaking and vanished into a small break room off the kitchen. Of course, upon investigation the cook could find no sign of him.

Cortland - State University of New York - Cortland - Cheney Hall - Cheney is one of two dormitories connected to Brockway Hall. "Elizabeth" was student at Cortland who resided in one of the oldest residence buildings on the university campus, Cheney. She was reportedly pushed from the fourth floor down the central staircase by her boyfriend in the early eighties. Strange happenings have been reported by students ever since. After the tragic death of the young woman, a mural was designed in her honor. Students living on the fourth floor of Cheney reported a feeling of unease when viewing the mural - as if they were being scrutinized by Elizabeth's representation in the massive painting. Since the time of her death, students claim to have spotted misty apparitions of outstretched arms and airy female figures that disappear when given a second glance. Incidentally, another female student recently fell from the same floor - the fourth. She had been intoxicated and leaned too far over the brass banister when she fell. She was completely unharmed.

Cortland - State University of New York - Cortland - Degroat Hall - This hall is reported to be haunted, though no actual reports have been made. The ground floor had a "tunnel" or long hallway which led to Brockway Hall.

Dannemora - House on Flagg Street - Ghost often appears in the bathroom mirror being hanged. He committed suicide with a orange extension cord. Little girl was killed by her father and they both haunt the house to this day. Little girl loves music and you can hear her sing. The wine cellar is haunted due to a little boy being trapped and burned alive.

Delhi - Octagon Farms - Long ago a newlywed bride was wearing her wedding dress and riding a white horse. The horse went wild and the woman fell off and she died after her head hit a rock laying on the ground. Today, you can see her riding around on a white horse late at night still in her wedding dress.

Deposit - Hanson's Resort - Footsteps and floor creaking, then porch door swinging open, even though it was locked. This happened repeatedly throughout the nights, back in the early 70's.

Dewittville - Poor House Cemetery - The Alms House/Poor Farm was located in Dewittville, NY. The cemetery is located on a portion of this property. The records date from 1833 - 1918. Grave markers were not used until 1869. The farm was used to house the poverty stricken people and the barn is the most haunted but numerous sightings of glowing orbs hearing weird noise's in the wood's.

Duanesburg - Duanesburg Central School - There have been two deaths at the High school. Since then there have been doors that slam by themselves, odd noises, and many orbs have been caught on camera, especially in the gymnasium. Also at weekend sports practices, students have claimed to see a figure run by the windows in the hallways.

Dunkirk - former holy cross seminary - abandoned property that has remnants of the seminary, church, and cemetery, during daylight hours on the Lake Erie waterfront beach there has been numerous sightings of an unidentified priest walking in the weeds with rosary in hand seemingly deep in thought and alone. . this vision only lasts a few seconds but is undeniable.

Dutchess County - Millbrook - Benett College - An old abandon all girls college. Haunted by the girls who used to attend the school. Many girls committed suicide there and are still roaming the dorms.

East Aurora - Roycroft Inn - Many people have said they've seen heard voices in the rooms when no one was in there and have seen ghostly figures in the halls and main lobby. The Roycroft did burn down many years ago and was recently restored.

East Aurora - Roycroft Pavilion - The Roycroft Pavilion is the home of the Auroura Players. Many of the cast members have felt a presence or seen strange things. The ghost is said to be that of a middle aged dark haired woman.

East Bethany - Lyndon Tracks - There was a school bus of children that were hit by a train while stuck on the tracks. Many died. It's said that if you stop on the tracks the ghosts of the children will push you across the tracks.

East Greenbush - Snyder's Lake - The Night Watchman - Brutally murdered as a young man. He was never able to see his attacker so he now takes his anger out on the children that go to the camp on the lake. Numerous news articles are available from the times union on the abductions. The Caretaker: Died 2 years ago. Roams the area and checks the bathrooms for good conditions occasionally. Webbed: Boy with webbed fingers was an excellent swimmer till he drowned at the camp trying to save a boy. The other boy lived but webbed got stuck under the dock and drowned. Now when children are drowning and drifting further into the lake he pushes them into shore.

East Otto - Cemetery - at night if you go there you will see two headless women running away from this man with an axe, they scream as this man is chasing them, and your car will shake, and your horn will beep all by itself, it is very scary, just get out of there as soon as you can!!

Erie Canal - Erie Canal Towpath - North side - The distance is a mere 1.5 miles between Canastota and Wampsville. There is a spot you actually can walk into an unseen mass but can be felt. It feels like walking into a blanket hanging on a clothesline. It is possible if you can encounter it to trace its contours. It is thought to be a draft horse standing facing westward. April Additional information - know of a young man in high school that commited who was about 17 years old committed suicide in the area because of problems with his girlfriend. This may be a reason for the haunting.

Elbridge - Smart's Wayside Inn - The ghost of a revolutionary war soldier haunts the second floor of this restaurant.

Elbridge - Webbers WaySide Inn - formerly known as Webbers Wayside Inn. The story goes, that many years ago a traveler from out of town was staying at this specific inn, on the second or third floor. The man had a heart attack and died one evening, his spirit never leaving the hotel again. People who have worked there for a time will tell you it was nothing for them to feel a cold spot, for a female to feel a touch on her body as she walked through an empty room, and on one occasion, a case of beer floating. The staff at this Inn have affectionately called this ghostly presence George. Most are not frightened by the presence, it seems to be extremely friendly to the ladies, and likes to play practical jokes. But still there are some that say, "I am never going up those stairs, you can feel "something" up there. "

Elenville - Ulster County Greenfield - Greenfield Rd - In mid 1980s Greenfield Rd, near what appears to be a small pond at the T intersection where a paved road leads toward Route 52 two ghosts were sighted. Both dressed in 1800s era clothes. Both blonde children looked like siblings a boy about 10 year old. And a girl with curly hair about 6. Appeared out of nowhere were visible for a few seconds and then disappeared.

Ellenburgh - NACS School - Weird apparitions of light and ghostly figures have been reported in the basement of the Elementary School. Most of the sightings have occurred around the old and abandoned bomb shelter (which hasn't been used since the late 70's). Several reports of weird noises coming from rooms that are empty in other parts of the school.

Ellenburgh - NACS School - The Gym/ 2nd Auditorium - The gym which seconds as a auditorium has been reported to be haunted. A death of a well-known basketball player was hit very hard by the school's faculty, staff and students. Sightings of the passed athlete have been reported in the gym as well as on the outside courts, practicing for the next big game. The gym was also the site of the death of an athlete (wrestling) that got his neck broken during a match. He has been seen roaming the halls as well as running around the gym practicing.

Ellenburgh - NACS School - The Pool Area - The High School is haunted by a deceased janitor that drowned in the school's pool. He was doing routine maintenance on the pool when he slipped on the side of the pool, hitting his head on the side and drowned. He has been seen working on the now-fully-functional pool as well as roaming in the locker rooms. 

Ellicottville - Hencoop Schoolhouse/ Cemetery - An old school house now an occupied house is said to have young children haunting it late at night in the downstairs area. It is also said that children are standing by your bed when you awake at night. Just down the road there is a cemetery with unexplained mists and a haunted woodland area behind it. The graveyard dates back to the 1850's and contains many children's graves. Witnesses have seen images in the woods just to the back right of the cemetery. A small clearing shows many signs of paranormal activities at night time.

Elmira - Elmira College - Cowles Hall - Reported sites of floating lights down halls, and sounds of people whispering. The building has a very unusual feeling to it and most people won't go in alone (including campus security). said to have an evil and good side split down the middle of the building.

Elmira - Elmira College - Tompkins Hall - The empty room on the fourth floor that no one has lived in since the late 60's is said to be haunted. The Residence life staff says that even though the door is locked and no one lives there, they have had to turn off the lights in the room almost every night. Across the hall is the picture of the former female students sister, a nun, who apparently haunts the room after her sister died on campus, she is said to be waiting for her to come back so she can surprise her with a visit.

Evans Mills - Ambulance Squad - Two or three friendly ghosts who like to welcome new members in the middle of the night when they are alone. An old woman likes to mess with the TV to get your attention, while an older man like to look in on you from the vehicle bay from time to time.

Fairport - Green Lantern Inn - It is said that a women haunts the building turning on lights and closing doors.

Fayetteville - Wellwood Middle School - It is said that a child that died in a skiing accident is now roaming the hallways, slamming doors.

Fire Island - Fire Island Lighthouse - The caretaker of this lighthouse hanged himself long before it was rebuilt. Doors shut, which require two people to close due to weight and doors open, which require three individuals. People have even reported strange laughing and knocking when no one is there. The top windows are also known to rise by themselves, which normally require a tool to reach. People experience chills throughout the lighthouse and human skulls seem to turn up on the beach with various other bones.

Forestport - The British Army in their retreat used North Lake Road after the siege of fort Stanwix. People have seen this retreat being replayed in the foggy mornings. Many more people have heard the moans of the wounded soldiers and the creaks of the wagon wheels as they advance slowly northward.

Fort Covington - The Dupree House (also known as Dunwich Manor) - This old Victorian mansion, once owned by occult writer Gerina Dunwich, is known by local residents to be haunted. In the early 20th century, a mentally disturbed woman was believed to have been locked away in one of the small attic rooms. She died there, leaving bloodied hand prints on the walls and ceiling. Several coats of primer and paint were necessary to cover the stains. The room contains a cold spot and several séances have been held there in an attempt to contact the restless spirit. Strange thumps have also been heard in the attic at night. Glowing lights have been seen moving through the cellar, and a ghostly presence has been felt by numerous people in the upstairs bedrooms. The carriage house (which is older than the main house and reputed to have underground tunnels leading to Canada) is also believed to be haunted. Strange moaning sounds have been heard at night coming from its second floor.

Fort Covington - Salmon River High School - The building is said to be haunted by a disembodied spirit that opens and closes doors late at night.

Fort Edward - Anvil Inn - There's supposedly a woman that haunts this diner that has dropped bottles on the floor and broken them and turns on and off the lights and music when she doesn't want them on.

Fort Edward - Fort Hudson Nursing Home - In the basement a man dressed in all black has been seen by several employees roaming the halls it is believed he was once a butler in the mansion that once stood where the nursing home is . Also a woman in a white night gown has been seen by residents as well as staff looking in the window of a second floor room on D wing the window is about 20 feet above the ground. Another man was seen on D wing wandering from room to room then disappears. There have been several more unexplained happenings in the facility.

Fort Edward - Jane Mcrea House - It was built back in the revolutionary war period in the town of Fort Edward. The town played a strategic part in winning the war. The story goes that Jane Mcree was hunted down by a band of Indians and scalped in a closet in this house. People who have lived in the house experience lights turning on and off, footsteps coming from the attic. The occupants will turn all the lights off when they leave at night and come home to have all the lights in the house turned on. Also in the closet were Jane had been scalped you will get a cool draft and screams can sometimes be heard from it during the night.

Fredonia - Fredonia State College - Igoe Hall - A student named Jimmy Igoe was killed on a fishing trip to Lake Erie. He now haunts the halls of this structure by slamming doors, changing television channels, turning lights on and off, and messing with the water in the bathrooms and he messes with the elevator. When you ask him to stop, he will.

Frewsburg - Grunsey Hollow Cemetery - The cemetery is haunted by a young lady who was stoned to death in the 1800's and buried in this cemetery. There are many children buried in the cemetery. People have seen graves glow, glowing balls of light, animals hung on the cross, and heard children laughing and playing.

Fulton - Fulton junior high school - lights turn on and off, doors shut by themselves, kids can hear voices in the hallway during classes and they look around and find no one, the toilets flush by themselves. it is scary

Fulton - Greens house - Nine ghosts in all, pull your hair, scratch in your sleep. hot and cold spots. Noises & feelings and many other sights.

Fulton - Granby Center - Locals report seeing 4 battered teenage girls staring at them, the same 4 girls who were driving drunk late a night coming from a party in the early 80's. Their car and bodies were never found. Upon looking a second time though they would be gone.

Fultonville - Starin Place - Mansion and grounds once owned by John Starin. Noises, movement, shadows present on grounds and guest and servant quarters.

Gainesville - Letchworth Central School - the school is in Wyoming County and was built back in the early 1900's. There is an unsolved myth that the school was built where Native Americans used to live. Many of the students have had experiences. Students have had doors and lockers slam on them. Lights mysteriously go on and off. A mysterious fog, an apparition of a child have been reported.

Garrison - Bird and Bottle Inn - Reports of it being haunted by a young woman.

Geneseo - State University of New York - Blake Hall & Steuben Hall - Strange Presences have been noted in Blake and Steuben Halls. These presences include unexplained noises and white apparitions.it's said that a boy fell and died during the construction of Monroe hall and has been seen on several occasions by students.

Geneva - Belhurst Castle - The ghost of Belhurst Castle is that of a beautiful Italian opera singer, who fled from Spain with her lover. One night the couple raced to their secret tunnel. Just when within safety the tunnel collapsed killing the opera singer. Over the years, dozens of guests have reported seeing a woman in white standing silently on the front lawn in the middle of the night.

Geneva - Hobart and William Smith Colleges - Hirshson - Rm 304 - will fly off of shelves by themselves, the pull blind will pull down by itself, and then roll up to the top. There are also scratching sounds along both walls around one in the morning and about once a week, it sounds as if someone is walking around the room and tapping on the desks when no one else is there. Images have also been seen in the door mirror.

Geneva - Hobart and William Smith Colleges - Hirshson - and several others on campus, are haunted by former students.

Geneva - Hobart and William Smith Colleges - Smith Hall - The office of the women's college has a male ghost who walks along the roof of the hall around 3 in the morning.

Geneva - Hobart and William Smith Colleges - The quad area - used to be a cemetery, which was moved when the school was built. From 1 until 3 in the morning, a transparent man can be seen walking his dog across the quad.

Gilbertsville/Mt Upton - Gilbertsville Mt Upton Central School - 2 kids were driving and got killed on the front yard of the school and one the day back from summer vacation you see a flower bouquet on the spot where they died.

Glen Haven - Skaneateles - The Screamer - A sanitarium was burned down in 1912 to clear a spot for a watershed for the city of Syracuse. The site is located on Skaneateles Lake. The Sanitarium's caretaker was said to have perished in the fire. His screams could be heard across the lake. Even in life, he was a nasty jealous man and now takes out his revenge on those at the summer camp across the lake. He can be seen and heard at night pacing the wooded cliffs above the camp brandishing his sharpened scythe and wailing.

Glens Falls - Glens Falls Hospital - there are many ghosts in the old patient wing built over 150 years ago my mother witnessed a man in a black suit walking down the hall towards her with all the lights on and no body in the halls but the ghosts said to be over 200 ghosts in the hospital.

Glenmont - Henry Hudson park - Haunted slave house - in the Henry Hudson park, there's a road that will take you to the park rite off of RT9w. if you turn onto that road and follow it down it will bring you to a trail that is marked off no trespassing! The trail is marked with 2 large lion statues. If you walk this trail there is said to be a slave house where the white settlers had dropped off the slaves when they came in from the river. The rumor behind this is that in the 1980's 4 kids went in to look 4 ghosts and they never came back, so 2 cops were sent in to look 4 them and only one came back out, the other was never seen again. Also sometimes you will see the lion statues eyes reflect light like if they were glass, but there cement. This whole area is said to be haunted.

Goshen - old historic track - It was often reported by several local hobos who lived and drank around the lake in the old historic track, that the specter of a jockey and horse who drown in the lake in the early 1900's would rise to ride across the lake on some nights. Of course no one ever listened to the belligerents until others had reported being chased through the brush along side of one of the dirt trails and also the trotting of a horse could be heard on several occasions.

Gloversville - Prospect Hill Cemetery - A lot of people have seen ghosts.

Grand Island - Holiday Inn - in the holiday inn there is a room that is all locked up. This is because whenever someone rented that room, they got a call in the middle of the night at the same time and when they picked up all they heard was a little girl laughing.

Grand Island - Whitehaven Cemetery - A young girl who haunts the holiday inn next door her grave stone glows. There is also a young woman who died of AIDS in the early 1990's there and she can be seen on her grave marker holding her infant son. There is also a man who died in the Gulf War walking around. He is supposedly looking for his pregnant wife

Granville - Head Start pre-school, Church St. - poltergiest activity, her name is Lizzy she died in a fire a long time ago when the building was a privete home. at night you can see the lights go on and off room to room, and she knocks over objects when she's upset, the feeling of another presence when your alone in the building. things like that

Greene - Sherwood Inn - A female committed suicide by jumping off the top floor balcony. Her apparition is said to haunt her old room (28) and the hallway. Some have even felt her in the dining room and basement.

Greenport - Townsend Manor Inn - Tapping on the window, scratching at the door, the lights flickered and turned off without us turning them off. - February 2004 update / additional info: Be careful not to confuse this haunted house with the Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England. There is a connection though; the Raynham Hall in Oyster Bay was named after the one in England. The Townsend family still holds ownership of Raynham Hall in Norfolk.

Geneseo - State University of New York - Geneseo - Monroe Hall - A 6 year old boy who was believed to have been killed in an accident during the construction of the dorm, fondly named "Eric", has been sighted roaming the halls.

Half Hollow - Sweet Hollow Road - At the main field by the middle of the road there has been sightings of a dog like creature digging then standing on two legs and walking into the woods and disappearing. Others have said that there is a man with a checkered shirt who walks the woods with a ax at night and watches cars drive by.

Hannibal - Hannibal graveyard - Reports of strange balls of lights.

Hauppauge - Begjaine House - The Begjaines (long dead) Have haunted this old house for over 215 years. It all started in 1778 when Mr. Begjaine was killed at fort Ticonderoga. Mrs. Begjaine moved her three kids to a mansion in Hauppauge. Shortly after the move a man with an English accent came to the front door saying he wanted to sell some hats. When Mrs. Begjaine let him in he pulled out a gun and killed the whole family. To this day the cops are still investigating the crime. Neighbors complain of strange noises and gunshots coming from the old abandoned house at night. Most of the cops go in but few have lived to come out.

Hauppauge - Hauppauge Middle School - The old Hauppage is one of the most weirdest schools on Long Island. There is said to be a ghost for revenge in room A-22. There is a ghost that picks up pens & then throws them at people.

Hauppauge - Hauppauge High School - When You Go To The Down Stairs Bathroom You hear freaky music and then when You come out you will see a still unidentified man in a long black cloak.

Havestraw - Lechworth - Various amount of paranormal activity including cold spots, ghost orbs, little girl screaming from sealed off room on top level.

Herkimer - apartment bldg - across from the high school at the bottom of the old hospital hill is a apartment house that was built long ago by a high rank soldier in the civil war. he built it for his American Indian wife. on the top is a look out that he built so she could watch for him coming home from the war. Unfortunately he was killed and you can still see her at times still waiting for him to return.

Highland - North Chodikee Lake Road - Washington Cemetery - there is a old cemetery near a farm the cemetery is hard to find because it is very old it is from the 1800's there are many people who have seen a family walk around in front of the road they will do a stop signal and they will go through your car it usually happens around 12-3 am.

Highland falls - West Point USMA - Being that West Point is the oldest military post in the United States the area has it's fair share of "history". All you have to do is ask a Military Police officer or a cadet and you should get a good idea of where to look. I'll tell you what, this isn't for the faint of heart, you spend enough time here and you will see something.

Himrod - Old Salt Plant - The salt plant was closed in the 70's because it continuously was caving in crushing and killing workers. People say they can see workers walking through the plant at night or can hear the mining cars going through the plant.

Hudson - Dietz House - Mabel Parker haunts her former home and is heard on the 2nd floor.

Huntington - Mount Misery/West Hills Park - This is where Sweet Hollow Road leads to (well, include some back roads. The place is now a state park, but in the 1840's there was a hospital there that burnt down. 15 years later it was rebuilt, and from then on moaning and cries for help were reported by the staff. Five months later another fire burnt the place down. Today burning specters can be seen.

Huntington - Sweet Hollow Road - Years ago two boys were hit by a car on this road and killed and were not aware of the car coming because the driver did not beep the horn. Now when driving down this road, if you do not beep your horn before passing under the overpass, the boys jumps in front of your car. As well as, a police officer who stops at cars parked on Sweet Hollow Rd. The officer seems normal until he turns around and has blood on his shoulders and the back of his head missing. Supposedly he is an officer who was killed on duty in the area.

Huntington - Sweet Hollow Road - The Lady In White - is of also known as "Mary". Mary was dating a jealous boyfriend. The boyfriend believed she was cheating on him. While driving down Sweet Hollow Rd. she was pushed out of a car. Her injured body laid in the street and was hit by another car. She continues to walk the road looking for her killer and often jumps out in front of passing cars. Another story claims she was a witch who was hung here during the late 1600's. There are many twists on the story of who she was. The Witch story seems to be the most common, yet it is also the most unlikely. Another common story is that she was killed when she was hit by a car back in the 1920's while walking home. Her grave is supposedly in the cemetery on Sweet Hollow Rd.

Hyde Park - Hoyts Mansion - A mansion that is haunted by the family members whom all killed themselves. The family was very strange, all under ground entrances to their house. Their home is in the middle of the woods in between two of the popular mansions, The Mills Mansion, and the Vanderbilt Mansion.

Hyde Park - Roosevelt Mansion - Walking into the dining room and Mrs. Roosevelt's bedroom there is a very cold feeling and a feeling of sadness by those who are sensitive.

Ilion - a bed and breakfast - at the bottom of Barringer road on main st. is a bed and breakfast that was the original house of a woman doctor who founded the one time Ilion hospital. She haunts the place and people often stay just to try and see her.

Jackson - Here Tis', Cabin on Hedges Lake - This cabin has had many sightings of the supernatural. The back few rooms of the 100-year-old place have always been active ever since we bought the place. From washers running on their own with no electricity running through them to knocking on walls to footsteps going up and down the stairs with no one else in the cabin is a normal for up there. Ever since the back few rooms were redone and redecorated things have become a little more active this year which makes it a fun summer trip every year.

Jamestown - Hollen Beck Cemetery - This Cemetery is very old.1700-1800s. There have been reports of a headless horseman chasing young girls. Animal bones lying around. Calls for help. Weird noises like someone knocking on a coffin. Babies crying. Children laughing. And a kick ball rolling around. Many of the people that died here were children of large families. The cemetery is very small only containing about 15 gravestones. There has also been spotted of what appears to be a fire further off in the woods.

Jamestown - Jefferson Middle School - in 1950's a girl died in this building! She was looking for her little brother and someone had killed her. Know one knows who. Many kids who attend this school around 1995 and up say they have seen the little girl in a white dress wandering around the halls saying, "bobby, where are you!!" Also they see a man with no head in this long dark black coat into class rooms and then things fall and big booms with out a reason.

Jamestown - Little Theater - The Little Theater seems to be haunted by many ghosts. In the shoe room, where they keep all the shoes for performances, the door will slam shut and lock when a person goes in there. The temperature will also drop significantly. Other stories have been told about a male ghost in the boiler room and practice room. People have even reported seeing a man on stage late at night, often playing pranks on people by moving things to where they should not be. He has supposedly spoken to children, luring them across the stage when unattended by their parents.

Johnstown - Sir William Johnson Hotel - Young female spirit breaking dishes, standing in the kitchen of the abandoned hotel in her nightgown. Items being moved by the same female.

Keuka Park - Keuka College - Ball Hall - Said to be haunted by George H. Ball, in who's name the building stands in honor of. Doors slam, objects move, "eerie" feelings at night.

King's Park - Kings Park Psychiatric center - Voices of patients who were tortured and died here years ago still today roam the hallways, screaming and crying. Many people who have visited the haunting hospital have seen many unexplained images.

Kingston - Blaber Mansion - An old women is seen in the front of the estate late at night holding a book.

Kingston - Montrepose Cemetery - Activity and energy surrounding that graveyard.

Kingston - Wiltwick Cemetery - Ghostly activity and energy inside that cemetery.

LaFayette - LaFayette Jr./Sr. High school - "the auditorium ghost" - someone or something always tends to play "tricks" on people working on any upcoming events in the auditorium. you may have turned off all the stage lights and unplugged them and still one light might stay on. or you may have put a prop set on the stage in a certain spot and the next day it is put away in the prop room.

Lafayette - Near the One-Way Bridge - Reports of an apparition of a woman in a white gown that sits on the corner, once seen she disappears.

Lake George - Fort William Henery Museum - when visiting the basement part where the prisoners use to be in the jail a visitor heard crying and screaming of the men and there was no one there.

Lake George - Long Island Campground - It is said that back in the early 60`s a young bride and her newly wed husband went to long island for their honeymoon. During their stay at the island the couple was said to have been brutally murdered in their sleep. It is said that their ghost's still inhabit the island. There have been numerous sightings of a woman in a white wedding dress wandering campsite's searching for her groom.

Lancaster - Lancaster Opera House - A number of ghosts have been reported to be seen there by patrons, actors and owners. Ghosts turn off lights and follow the people that lock up the opera house. They have been seen in 1920s-30s clothing.

Lansingburgh - L.E.S (Old High School) - It is said that in the early 1900's a teacher went crazy and killed many students with an ax in room 243. People have reported that at night you can see him walking around and waving an ax, and that if you listen closely, you can hear the kids running and screaming.

Latham - Guptills Woods on Pollock Road - These woods are said to be haunted. The occurrences seem to take place mainly around a house off Pollock Road. It is located in the middle of the woods on your right. Witnesses have reported seeing light orbs and strange eyes without a face in the darkness. Some people have even claimed to hear someone singing.

Latham - Miller & Johnson Roads - This has been removed due to being residential private property.

Latham - Revelatory Hero's Cemetery - In back of the Woodlands apartment complex lies a preserved revolutionary war graveyard. With almost a dozen laid to rest hear, it is said that on hot summer night with strong gusts of wind, voices of men can be heard and on full moons the sound of drums are heard when the wind blows.

Lee Center - Lee Valley Rd and Gore Rd. - at night time there is an eerie feeling as if your being watched, and if you're walking down Gore rd. late at night you get the feeling as if your being followed or actually chased, you can also can hear noises in the dense woods

Lechworth - Lechworth Insane Asylum - in the central upstairs hallway, clear your mind. this entire buildings ghosts feed off your fear. when you try to leave they appear behind you. But if you stare at them directly , they don't disappear they come closer 

Lewstion - McDonalds - It is said that a man was killed in this old building before it was McDonald's. When you eat down stairs you can feel the chill and hear the man crying out for help.

Lily Dale - Assembly Hall - many people have reported seeing a man with a full beard and glasses, dressed in Victorian garb, walking across the podium there.

Lily Dale - Inspiration Stump - Witnesses have seen and felt many presences, both male and female.

Lily Dale - Maplewood Hotel - On the 3 floor of the Maple wood many people have reported seeing someone, perhaps a maid, in the corridors. Many people have heard footsteps in the hall, felt a presence, or heard soft voices in conversation.

Little Falls - Beardslee Castle - Believed to be haunted by the original owners - the Beardsley family. Reports of seeing them there, been made many times there. For more information go to: http://www.beardsleecastle.com/ghostpage.htm

Little Falls - Cramer RD, Blue Lady House - Old farm house built in late 1800's is haunted by a women wearing a blue dress. Activity have been seen and photographed throughout the house, especially in upstairs bedrooms. Woman was believed to have hanged herself in the second bedroom to the right going up the stairs. Reports of activity dating back to 1949. warning!:Farm house is partially torn down and condemned. Be careful!

Liverpool - Pier 57 - A few years a back and women was shot and murdered in this restaurant by her husband. To this day, workers at the Pier claim to see a woman in empty rooms sometimes and even get eerie feelings when they are alone.

Liverpool - Rocky Road - In one particular house on the road, you can hear noises of a person walking upstairs, when no one else is home. Doors will open and close by themselves. Lights will turn on and off, as well as the TV. The ghost responds to people's voices and will turn on or off the TV when told to. One of the people in this house, while curling their hair one day felt some one touch them on their shoulder, turned around and saw a man sitting on their bed, turned back around looked into the mirror and saw nothing, turned around again and the ghost had vanished.

Lockport - Cold Springs Cemetery - A young hitchhiker still comes to the place she was picked up and murdered.

Lockport - Kenan Center - Strange white lights, and apparitions seen.

Lockport - Kenan House - A little boy ghost has been seen running and playing throughout the house.

Lockport - Old House - There is an old house across from a bar in Lockport. It was a house that was involved in keeping slaves during the Civil War and was part of the underground railroad. There was a massacre there, where everyone was killed. A few years ago someone bought it to restore and make into a museum but the men rebuilding it kept getting very scared by ghostly presences on the site and in the house. They left their scaffolding there and never came back. If you go near the house at night you can see black figures guarding it.

Lodi - Butchers Hill - Sound of Children playing. The story is that these children died by and outbreak of TB in the 1800's.

Long Beach - McKinley Elementary School - in the playground the "rings" they move while no one is on them and they're too heavy to be moved by the wind. It is said that a kid in 3rd grade died because he fell off and broke his head. Also in the cafeteria the trays move without anyone touching them. The benches move with a full load of kids. They say that a girl fell from the stairs and a boy was killed there by getting into a fight and the other kid had a weapon. These were from the years 1973-1984.

Long Island - Bohemia - Haunted by a young female named Maria who was strangled to death in the back bedroom when the inn was a speakeasy over 60 years ago. Bare footprints appear on the carpeting even in wintertime, shadowy figures in the kitchen, and unidentified bones appear in the basement. The inn has been investigated many times by mediums and psychics and is currently under investigation by Candice Isralow of Mt. Sinai. Current owner has been there for over 20 years.

Long Island - Central Islip - Central Islip Psychiatric Center - This place is very creepy and the main building is not only haunted but you can feel a taint of evil from the main building when walking the grounds near the main building that will put the hairs up on the back of your neck.

Long Island - Centereach High School Track - Back in 1997, there was an off-duty FDNY firefighter running track on a highschool track near his house. There were some kids who had a gun and they wanted to see what it felt like to shoot someone, so they waited in the woods until the fireman came around the northeast corner of the track, then they shot him. Both boys were arrested and convicted for killing the firefighter. Not long after, people reported seeing a glowing figure running along the track. Others have seen the body of a man laying on the track then dissappearing, all in the same spot he was shot, the northeast corner of lane 5. Most people won't go over to the northeast bleachers because they have the feeling of being watched. When visiting football teams come to visit, they and their fans refuse to sit in the visitors bleachers, as those lie on the northeastern part of the field. That part has now become mostly abandoned.

Long Island - Lake Ronkonkoma - Lake Ronkonkoma has a haunted past. One legend is about a Setauket Sachem Indian who was not permitted to marry his love from another tribe. He paddled his canoe out to the middle of the lake and committed suicide via a knife to his heart. His body was recovered in another lake in Connecticut. Another is of a young beautiful Indian Princess who was not permitted to marry her pale face lover and she canoed out on the lake and was found dead by him. He in turn got into the canoe and was swept away, never to be seen again. Apparently, there has been a reported drowning each and every year due to a curse placed upon the lake. The myth is that the lake is bottomless. It rises and lowers mysteriously and is rumored to have a secret underwater Connection that stems for miles. Some of the drowning victims as well as the princess are said to still haunt the lake and It's surrounding area.

Long Island - Stony Brook - Mary's Grave - She murdered her two children and her husband. Her gravesite is a center for strange happenings. Her marker has her birth date but no death date. - December 2003 Update: There is a different variation on that story that seems to be the most heard of around there. Supposedly Mary was the daughter of a rich land owner that owned that area and formed the town there. He was a loner and built his house way out from the town. He also had a son. She had no friends and her father built her a stone club house on the property for her to play. She liked animals and wuld play with them in her stone clubhouse. Supposedly she was possessed by a spirit and started mutilating the animals on a stone table in her clubhouse. Later on she killed her father and her brother with an axe. After the some time the townspeople went to see what had happened the the land owner and found her sleeping in her fathers bed with him covered in blood. They hung her on a tree on the property. The tree is there on the side of the road. It always looks dead all year long. The burn marks from her rope are on the tree branch. Up the hill is the house. You can see a figure sitting in the window looking down on the road. Now that part of the house is supposed to be blocked off. Her stone clubhouse is on the road just a bit further up. The way it went was back in the 60's and 70's you were the big tough guy if you went up to Mary's grave and urinated on it. They say whoever did would get into a car accident on the way back swerving to avoid hitting a girl in a white dress. The gravesite has been lost or nobody really remembers where it is, but all the other things are there.

Loundonville - Loudon Cottage - The ghost of Abraham Lincoln has been seen in this house, which was owned by the woman who was sitting next to Lincoln when he was shot.

Lowville - New York Pizzeria - On the third floor of the building that the New York Pizzeria is in there is old apartment. There one of the rooms has a strange feel to it, and it is hard to breath when you walk in. There have also been reports of voices, and people being pushed down.

Lyndonville - Cody Scharlau's House - many of the towns children hear strange noises coming from Cody's bedroom. And after they hear the sounds they look in the fridge and there is no food.

Mahopacthe - Sedgewood club - The Sedgewood club was an old resort for wealthy NYC families in the late 1800's. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of a caretaker morning the loss of his family who starved to death in this mansion on top of a mountain in the country because they got snowed in.

Malone - Flanders Elementary - Was built on a cemetery. The cemetery was also built on Indian Sacred ground. There have been sightings of Indians on the playground, and a man who actually uses the boy's bathroom. My Aunt lives behind the school and found out that not only is the school on Indian Sacred ground, but also their house is on the actual burial ground. My three cousins woke up at exactly the same time one night and saw an Indian girl standing on the deck. Also, they have heard moans from the basement. A few years after these occurrences, they put in a pool. They found human bones and Indian artifacts. Since that point, nothing has occurred at the house.

Manhattan - Chelsea Hotel - The hallways are haunted and it feels like someone is either watching or behind you. This hotel has a bad reputation in the past for drug dealers, addicts, pimps / prostitutes who were murdered or hurt. You can feel the pain and sadness.

Manhattan - New York University - Brittany Residence Hall - Corner of East 10th and Broadway, Phantom music and lights, people hearing unknown footsteps in the rooms and feeling presences "watching" them. Reports of the basement being rather labyrinth like.

Manhattan - World Trade Center - Ground Zero Site - people reported seeing The victims spirits - workers and rescuers - & apparitions of the buildings still standing. Several Ghosts have been reported to be crying for help after 9/11.

Marcellus - 13 curves - On their wedding night, a bride and her groom got in a car accident. On a very dark night, it is said that you can see the bride walking along the road.

Marcy - Marcy Elementary - The Field - Late at night you can hear a girl screaming from the field in back of the Marcy Elementary School. You can also hear eerie music coming from the field, but if you get closer it will stop, and if you go back it will start again.

Marcy - Old Insane Asylum - Fear engulfs you as you approach the building. Noises have been heard coming from inside the building even though it has been boarded up and shut down. Pictures taken of the building have revealed faces in the window; one was definitely a man with a mustache.

Mechanicville - Main Street Church - A ghost of a dead soldier walks through the church, and turns lights off and on, and often breaks the heating system in the winter.

Mechanicville - Rich Thompson Homestead - The ghost of Richard Thomas Thompson is said to roam this homestead. He was killed in a fire in 2003 and often leaves beer bottles in places nobody ever had them in.

Menands - Albany Rural Cemetery - Ghastly Black figures such as cars, men, and unexplainable large masses can be seen here at dusk. A mysteriously transparent couple can also be seen floating through the cemetery at night with their pj's on.

Massena - Spanky’s Dinner - Spanky’s Dinner has a long history of paranormal activity, from seeing faces to having objects move. One person reported that her shoe laces were tied together while eating. The dishwasher reported seeing a male with a beard looking at him through a window. And a uneasy feeling when in the basement. It is reported that 7 spirits haunt the dinner. A lady in a nurses outfit a young child, a female with bad teeth, the man with the beard. and others. An investigation was done and some pictures were taken of Orbs (with faces). Some EVP's were heard. With the evidence collected it only adds to the claim of activity.

Milton Terrace - Ballston Spa - The Crandall House is presently an apartment building and hasn't been haunted for about ten years. The Crandall House was haunted by Sylvester Crandall who killed his wife, stepdaughter.

Mohegan Lake - Diner - Basement is said to be haunted. On a couple occasions Busboy's/waiters were locked in overnight because they had no where else to go. When owner arrived in morning employee was scared and shaking and claimed to see a ghost during the night.

Monroe - The McGarrah Stagecoach Tavern Inn - The McGarrah Stagecoach Tavern Inn (Monroe, NY) was on Ghost Hunter (SCI-FI) program, and in Ghost Investigator Volume 6 (Dark Shadows) book by Linda Zimmermann and has had many ghosts sighting. The McGarrah Stagecoach Tavern Inn began its existence sometime between 1790 and 1800 and constitutes one of the oldest buildings in Monroe, N.Y. On of the common sightings is a man with top hat, dress in a dark suit wondering the rooms upstairs. A witness attempted to confront the ghost by running after him, but as he turned the corner, the ghostly man vanished. The man is described about 5ft, dress in a dark suit style in 1800 with top hot. You could hear his footstep as he walks back and forth on the second floor. The basement is truly a frightening experience. Every time we went down stars the temperature dropped at least 15 degrees. EMF went wild, as you get closer to the fireplace. As the hairs on the back of my neck reacted to chills, you can actually feel ghostly pressure surrounding you. The sounds of Ghostly footsteps wondering around have become a common occurrence at this inn. This house is truly haunted. If anyone wishes to experience this ghostly Inn, please review below Telephone number. - The McGarrah Stagecoach Tavern Inn (Monroe, NY) (845) 783-6206 Private Tours by Appointments Only. Non-Profit organization and all donations are contributed to the restoration of this old wonderful Inn.

Montebello - Old Spook Rock Road - There have been many stories about this area, such as early witch burnings and ghosts. If you go to the bottom of the road and put your car in neutral, you will be pulled up the hill. Sometimes you can even see a ghostly figure pulling your car.

Mount Sinai - Satan's Trails - On North Country Rd. (Route 25A) - April 2008 Update – Has been removed. No Trespassing. Trespassers will be prosecuted.

Naples - Cemetery - It is said to be haunted, It is said there are weird lights, people running, noises. My boyfriend said he was in the cemetery one night and they were in a car. All of a sudden he said it felt and sounded like someone had either jumped on the back of the car or pushed down on it. Then again on top of the car. When they got out to to see what it was no one was around but a lit candle on a grave stone.

Newburgh - Plum Point Condos - The story goes... There is a rather large building, in which is now know Plum Point condo's, in Newburgh NY that used to be a all boys Christian school. One of the nun's molested the boy & killed him then put his body in the wall and covered it up well (being there was already construction going on inside it was a good cover-up, he was just reported missing) Then about a year later strange things would happen that drove the school to shut down. For about 10 or more years now they have been trying to make it into an apartment complex because there are condo's all around it, and every time someone goes in there to work, a hand was cut off by machinery, the machinery would break for no apparent reason, etc.. And many people have said they have seen the boy. - October 2005 Correction: The above submission is the "popular word about town" regarding the information on our site, however, most of it is not true. Unfortunately, this same description regarding Plum Point on many websites. Probably cutting and pasting from this site. A visitor to our site reports the following: "Before the condos went in, there was a large mansion (complete with detached servant's quarters.) It was originally constructed for a family who met an untimely death. The mansion then became a home for wayward girls for many years and eventually an orphanage of sorts, accepting children who were not only parentless, but had no where to run. This is where the rumors of the molestation occurrence sprouts from. The molestation may be true, but in all my research and hearing of rumors, I have never heard a report of anyone being buried in the walls.
Eventually, the mansion became a hotel, had an addition put on both sides of the original building, and then was abandon for many years (The room numbers were still on the doors during abandonment.) The property changed hands uneventfully several times as Plum Point started building north of the property. The condo construction went fine UNTIL there was finally a developer who had funding to begin working on the mansion itself. By this time, condominium construction was creeping around all sides of the mansion.
They developer intended to knock down the servant's quarters which was a small home just a few yards to the south of the mansion. Heavy equipment was brought in, but would break down every time they attempted to start the job. Eventually, the fire department attempted to burn the house down and failed. if I remember correctly, an article appeared either in the Newburgh News or Times Herald Record regarding this, however I cannot be certain enough to state this as fact. There was no record of a worker losing a hand in the information I remember seeing. Eventually, the building was torn down by hand.
Currently, Plum Point Condos have engrossed the entire area all the way down to the beach of the Hudson River. The mansion has been rebuilt and turned into several condos and stands proud today, however, a shell of its' former glory.
Regarding the haunting phenomenon, there have been many reports of a women/girl holding a baby in the same 2nd floor window of the mansion looking out at the cars driving by. No one really knows if the ghost was a resident from the girl's home, or the original owner, other than to say the girl appeared fairly young. I witnessed this ghosts myself while walking by the mansion one winter night.
When the mansion was abandon, doors would frequently slam open and shut while trespassers were walking down the narrow hallway. Rumors regarding this range from a single boy ghost to a group of mischievous boy ghosts having fun with their "living guests" As "their" actions never appeared or felt threatening according to witnesses. A female ghost was frequently reported coming down the sweeping staircase in the main hall. This was heralded by a noticeable temperature drop in the area.
Trespassers inside the mansion itself while it was abandon, who were cut by objects inside the house, would bleed for unordinary amounts of time. I witnessed this myself on several occasions. In one case, a friend of mine was cut by a piece of black fireplace marble. He bled for the rest of the day and into the evening despite the cut appearing to be small and superficial, my friend being in perfect health and treating the cut properly.
A crying baby could often be heard down by the riverfront near the railroad tracks, just over the hill, a short walk towards the river from the mansion. Trains used to frequently stop on this section of tracks. Rumors said that many men who rode in the caboose of the freight train would often hear a baby cry. When they would get out to investigate, they would never be able to find the child. When they would approach the area where the crying was coming from, the crying would start from somewhere else close by.
Condos have now been built on this spot (formerly a very swampy area) and I do not know if this phenomenon continues today. People currently live in the mansion, however, the current state of haunting phenomenon there is unknown as well. "

Newburgh - Wal-Mart - little girl buried under haunts at 1:00 am.

Newfane - Van Horn Mansion - A man named James Van Horn built this mansion in 1820. His wife died at the age of 21, some say under mysterious circumstances. A roofer almost fell to the ground after he saw a woman looking at him out of a window of the empty house. Carpenters fled when a person materialized out of a cloud in a bedroom. They wouldn't go back even to get their tools. Some motorists have tried to avoid a girl running from the mansion, then vanished.

New Hartford - New Hartford High School - The school was built on an Indian burial ground. There have been sightings by one of the janiors that used to work in the school. She cleaned the auditorium routinely and often found one of the side doors locked, when it wasn't supposed to be. When she returned with the key, the door was shut and locked. One time she felt something like a person pass through here, and very soon after quit her job because of how much it frightened her. There have been rumors by teachers that there is one 'bad' ghost and one 'good' ghost, the bad one in the auditorium. The good one has been seen wandering the halls.

New Hyde Park - Iceland ice skating rink - doors sometimes opening or closing by themselves, reported sighting of a man in a baseball cap in the scoreboard operations room, hockey pucks mysteriously appear in the center of the ice surface late at night.

Newburgh - The Masonic Temple- A second floor dance hall and theatre had tables and folding chairs set up. One night some students in a community theater witnessed a single chair slid by itself, and drew attention because of the sound it made while rubbing against the floor. A door, hinged to swing open in both directions began swinging rapidly by itself, and then stopped. Voices of men talking in other parts of the building could be heard when no one else was there. The mens voices could be heard moving around the building.

New Paltz - Shawangunk Mountain Range - These mountains are full of Haunted Energy. There are Indian Spirits through out that range.

New York City - Bay Ridge Apartments - haunted by numerous spirits.

New York City - Clinton Street Brownstone - haunted by a young girl who died there.

New York City - Dakota apartment building - Former Beatle John Lennon has occasionally been seen outside the apartment building where he once lived, and was assassinated.

New York City - Greenwich Village - One If By Land, Two If By Sea Restaurant - Once a carriage house owned and operated by Aaron Burr, the place is apparently running with ghosts. Not the least of which is supposedly Burr's own beloved daughter Theodosia Burr Alston, who vanished off the coast of North Carolina while on her way to visit her father in New York. Apparitions of Theodosia and various other spirits have actually been seen and several women sitting at the bar have had their earrings popped off by an enamored Theodosia.

New York City - Hotel Des Artistes - this ghost likes to touch people.

New York City - New Amsterdam Theatre - haunted by a Ziegfeld Follies chorus girl, Olive Thomas, who killed herself. She has been seen on the stage and in one of the dressing rooms by workmen that were doing repairs on the theatre. She holds a blue glass bottle (reportedly that held the poison that killed her).

New York City - The City College of New York - Numerous reports since the 1920s of students seen -- and recognized by students, and [former] professors years back -- known to have died in the First World War, haunting one of the former political club lounges in Shepherd Hall. Legend had it that in one particular instance, a math tutor noticed that a student's clothes seemed somewhat dated for the mid-20s and put it in his mind to inquire as to how the young man was making out financially; given it was still a wholly free college with a mostly working class student body. Only later that night did this "absent minded professor" wake up from sleep with a start, scaring his wife in the process [isn't that always the case?], with the recollection that the young man died in France in 1918. Apparitions dressed in 60's & 70's clothes and one ghost in particular is in grunge attire, he always appears "sad looking", is only seen just before or after closing hours.

Newark valley - Newark valley middle school - there had been reports of the elevator stopping all by itself and weird sounds. It is rumored that the school is built over and old Native American burial sight.

Newburgh - Downing Park - A boy who drowned in the lake in the park is said to sit by the lake at night crying, he is also said to make bubbles in the water, as if trying to breathe, and he is said to scream whenever a child get to close to the water.

Newport - Castle Road - There is a path off of Castle Road that leads to part of a stone castle, which was never finished. The man who was building it was doing it for his wife. She died before he finished it and people have said that they've seen strange things and heard noises at night. Some think it's the ghost of the man, others the women, and some think it's both of them.

Niagara Falls - Niagara gorge - Devils hole - Down by devils hole, just underneath the famous hauntings of Clet Castle, Niagara University, there are mysterious apparitions, foreign language cants, and sometimes the feeling that someone is watching you or simply just brushed you gently as they passed you by. The light never really does seem to shine fully on this long decent of stairs. and many locals will not go down there at night, not because of crime, because people here are very trusting. It is just a given knowledge. you don't want to go there. A few summers ago a couple of fishermen found bones of a young Indian warrior (perhaps), or from a young Indian boy thrown down to the gorge, possibly for sacrifice.

Niagara Falls - Niagara University - Clet Hall - Clet Hall has burned down multiple times, resulting in numerous deaths. One ghosts is of a student who died in a fire. Many students have claimed to see his ghost inside their dorm rooms and in the adjacent theater.

North Babylon - North Babylon High School - it is known throughout the school that back in the 70's a soon to be senior shot himself because he wasn't able to graduate on time. Now when students take regents you can hear strange footsteps around the room.

North Lawrence - Old farm house Foundation - Cemetery Road and the corner of County Road 52. - It is reported that several spirits haunt the former farm house.(the house has since burned down) It has been reported that there are several gypsies buried in the basement and there spirits haunt the area. A unknown male hung himself in the horse barn (a headless apparition has been seen wondering around) There has been reports of a child in a red snow suit that plays ball in the road.

Northport - Hayes Hill House - in this house the daughter who was in high school drowned in the pool then as the father was taking the pool down he had a heart attack the mother, couldn't take the loss so she hung herself in the kitchen then the son left the house abandon, inside the house is still set and appears as if it is lived in. when a car is parked in the driveway the lights in the front of the house come on and if anything is taken from the house the car will not start

Ogdensburg - Remmington Art Museum - Located at 300 Washington Street. It is an old tale of the ghost of Madame Vespucci who appears sometimes in the museum. At times people visiting the museum on the upper level can hear her talking on the other side of a wall. It is believed that she lived at this address at one time.

Ogdensburg - Mater Dei College - It is said that the spirit of a young boy roams the halls giggling and laughing on the way. He was killed after a tragic fall. People have reported seeing a nun roam the halls along with strange noises and lights going on and off in locked upped rooms. Urban legend of a nun hanging herself is untrue. No one is sure where the little boy fits in. - ”There is, however, something definitely not right in the upper floor in the new dormitory wing. There has been cold spots in one room, strange appearances and a feeling of "evil" in one or two rooms. A couple of the sisters have experienced this as well as the lay students and the dormitory wing was blessed by a priest exorcist. According to the girls, problems all began with students playing around with an ouija board. Problems seem to persist to this day even those the college is closed and has been sold to a new owner.” - Quote from a Sister of St. Joseph whose congregation founded Mater Dei, built it and had lived there off and on since it was built in 1960.

Old Forge - Adirondacks Woods - This husband brutally murdered his wife in the woods of the Adirondacks. People still believe they see the wife all bloody walking through the woods.

Old Forge - Big Moose Inn - A pregnant woman that was murdered by her fiancé' and thrown in the lake can still be seen here.

Old Westbury - The New York Institute of Technology - Many of the old buildings on campus are said to be haunted. Cleaning crews refuse to work in the art center after a ghostly woman was reported sighted there.

Oneida - Old Oneida High School - The old high school in Oneida is boarded up but inside you can still here the voices of teachers and students coming from the classrooms.

Oneida - Otto Shortell Middle School - In the old wing of the building early in the morning or late at night you go there and you can see white figures walking around the halls and hear screams and cries and people talking. Its been said that there was 2 people that died in the making for that wing and they come back so mess with all the school stuff they delete stuff off computers and they reorganize the classrooms. In the gym you can feel the presence of someone in there with you at all times.

Orange - Pine Bush - Montgomery - Hill Avenue Cemetery - when we were children and visited this cemetery, there was always a man who wondered where his glowing balls were. to this day it still seems like it was just a dream. but as reported by many, as you drive the dark slopes of hill ave., between the twilight hours, there can be seen a man walking with two empty leashes saying, "have you seen my balls? i can't find my balls!"

Orchard Park - M*A*D*S - There is believed that a spirit named Ronald inhabits this very old building. It used to belong to a man named Ronald, and the kids that now go to this dance studio, firmly believe there is some kind of super natural being in the studio. It likes to play tricks, for example; hiding the cds, and misplacing glasses, and other cruel jokes.

Orchard Park - Old Air Port - At night you could hear howling and people talking in the office building. Update: The story of the ghosts ended about a few months ago. The airport was destroyed to make way for new apartments.

Oriskany - Oriskany Battlefield - A former employee reports an awful stench was coming from the woods where Gen. Herkimer's advance party was wiped out by the King's Royal Regiment of NY. In the visitors center the men's room door likes to slam itself shut and dark cast shadows that looked as though a figure was creating them. When nobody is standing casting a shadow. The hand dryers in the bathrooms like to go on all by themselves. If you are sometimes walking through the ravine you often feel that you are not alone. People have spoken of seeing lights and orbs in the nearby woods when driving past the site. neighbors often hear the cries of men and sometimes they say you can hear musket fire from the woods.

Oswego - 19th century mansion that now serves as off-campus housing for students at Oswego State University. The building used to be a nursing home, and at least one friendly womanly apparition "revisits" occasionally, according to those who have since lived in the house. The woman allegedly was a resident when the home was a nursing home.

Oswego - College Theater - In the theater while your alone lights will go off and on. You can hear steps on the stage and no one will be there, one seat if you sit in it you will get cold chills and you can feel someone there with you. There is bloody hand prints everywhere and you can hear people talking and sometimes rehearsing a play.

Oswego - Fort Ontario - Ghost hunters have reported finding evidence of ghostly activity in a few of the buildings. A blonde girl was seen in the third story window of one of the officer's quarters. The third stories of the building are used for storage and not accessible by the public. The Fort was closed at the time.

Oswego - Lighthouse -said to be haunted by three men who went up there to change the light bulb during a storm and they never came back.

Oswego - Oswego Players Theater - An old bum is said to have died in the basement and his ghost haunts the area where the dressing rooms are. Things are moved from where they were left. Doors open and close by themselves. A friend who was alone in the women's dressing room saw a hanger on the door begin to swing and abruptly stop.

Oswego - Post Cemetery - Locals claim the ghost of soldier George Fikes will haunt the person you name if you perform a ritual that involves jumping over the grave, spitting, and lying on the grave while reciting the appropriate chant. None of the kids I grew up with was ever brave enough to perform the entire ritual, but the last time I was there were still bare spots on either side of the grave.

Oswego - railroad tracks between the fort and Lake Ontario - It is rumored that a civil war soldier from Fort Ontario had his head shot off by a canon ball. He is said to walk along the disused railroad tracks looking for his head. A floating light moving along the tracks is said to be him or his lantern.

Oswego - Riverside Cemetery - Apparently there is a pond in the graveyard that a boy drowned in years ago. Reports of an apparition seen.

Oswego - Scriba - Rt. 104 and Klocks Corners Intersection - Many people have lost their lives trying to pull out of a very dangerous intersection, that has a big hill coming from one direction and is only a 2 way stop. The speed limit is 45 but many go past that. Multiple car crashes and pedestrians have been killed at the intersection since it was constructed. A graveyard diagonal to the intersection has been seen to have ghosts what walk around, up and down the street, and sometimes in the middle of the road. Most appear in light shades of grey. They are of different sex and age, and always seem to be looking back and forth in all directions of the road, as to be looking out of traffic.

Ossining - The Old Aqueduct - In The woods along the aqueduct trail there is a very old tree struck by lighting around 20 years ago. If you go there late a night men in White robes roam the area. There is no explanation why they are there.

Ozone Park - Bay Side Cemetry - The Jewish cemetery is over a century old, and has hardly been taken care of. Though many have passed it on the A train, at Boyd ave. It has ben vandalized so often that the caretakers are forced to close it down at 4 PM. The graveyard is a group of 3 cemeteries. If you walk in it you will come across many graves with pictures of who occupies the tomb. As well as a few un-earth graves. One part is almost sectioned off, where only infants and children remain, with there tombstones almost completely sucked into the ground. The trees for some reason also grow in twisted formations that even you imagination can't muster a image. At night you feel like you are being watched. Reports of cries, talking, laugher and an ominous fog loom over the site. As well as faces and orbs appearing in pictures. And sites of gray images sitting on the tomb stones. But who says its safe during the day? At all hours you feel you are being watched. As well as many who have reported stomach pains near the location. While you walk, you feel like something is standing next to you or running past your eyes. And once in a while you get an over whelming stench, that brings tears to you eyes. Prey you don't go and vandalize the already damaged graves, who knows how much more those poor souls can take.

Oyster Bay - Raynham Hall - The home was originally owned by the Townsend family. The house was used as a base for the British during the Revolutionary War. John Andre was a British Major during the war and visited often. One day Townsend's daughter overheard Andre and John Simcoe (Commander of British Forces) talking about a payment to Benedict Arnold to surrender his troops. The Townsends relayed this information to George Washington. Benedict Arnold escaped, but Andre was captured and hanged. His ghost was first reported here in the 1930s when he was seen on horseback outside a bedroom window. John Andre isn't the only ghost here. Sally Townsend, allegedly John Simcoe's lover is said to still haunt the house. Her former bedroom is always cold, even in the summer the curator wears a warm wool vest in that room! Paranormal investigators have said that whatever is in that room is not happy. In October of 1999 a volunteer was working on the property when the garden door opened and a man came out wearing a dark wool coat with brass buttons. First it was strange to see someone wearing that clothing, second the building was locked, and third the alarms were all on! In march another worker saw the same ghost materialize by the staircase. Once with the bottom half of his body missing, and then again full-figure. The ghost is believed to be Michael Conlin, an Irish immigrant who worked as a servant in the 1860's. In the upstairs of the former servants quarters moving shadows have been seen when no one else is in the house. In that same area the smell of roses has mysteriously been sensed. The spirit of a servant woman has materialized and walked into the kitchen. In that kitchen the smell of apple pie has also been present when ghosts want to make themselves known. The submitter was extremely privileged when they smelled the strong scent of cinnamon-apple on their way down the stairs near the kitchen. When they got down to the bottom of the stairs they could smell the strong scent of something like cinnamon rolls or apple pie! Another area that is said to produce some interesting smells is the front foyer. The smell of a non-existent stove has been sensed there as well as the faint smell of a smoking pipe. At one time this was the kitchen area. The former museum director Andrew Batten says he has sensed at least 5 different entities and something in Sally Townsend's room.

Ozone Park - Woodhaven - St. Anthony's Hospital - Update: Has since been torn down. - Close down in the late 1960's to early 70's this abandoned seven story building with a smokestack on the left hand side of the building, and a steel spiked fence around the perimeter of the hospital. The hospital was used for severely ill patients. At night only the first two floors were lighted up. Above the second floor is a whole different story. No Trespassing above the second floor. But you could hear noises and slamming sounds coming from the stairway that leads to the third floor and the fourth floor. I'm not to sure what it is today but it still stands today.

Palmyra - Phelps Museum on Market St. - Owned by Mr. & Mrs. Phelps & daughter Sybil. The parents passed away & Sybil was never married. She went into Spiritualism, with her two friends The Fox Sisters. It is said she haunts her house on Market St. Things fly off walls ,people have seen her.

Parish - Happy Valley - In the late 1800s there was a city its name was happy valley its is said it was a fairly big city. Until the black plague came and seemingly wiped out this city. Now very desolate there are roads thru out 5000 acres of land were "no won lives" there are many sightings of paranormal activity. If you where to get lost on one of its many roads you would be seemly lost for days. Back in 1976 there were some friends driving thru and they stumbled upon a skull one of them put in the rear of there car while they were driving the eyes of the skull lit up bright red. They were spooked and never returned since. To this day no won will go alone on any giving night.

Patterson - Rt. 311- after a hotel burned down in the late 1800's, a family bought it a couple of years later and built a house on top of the old foundation. Now people say at night you can see the top half of the people that died in the fire because they are walking on the floor of the building that burned down.

Pembroke - Pembroke Middle School - While redesigning the auditorium a girl fell off the balcony and died. It's said you can see her ghost walking across the balcony and stage.

Perkinsville - Kennedy house - its a group home but used to be where the nuns stayed for the church next door. you hear footsteps in the attic, lights flick on and off, the washer turns on by itself when no ones around, people see a white figure that looks like a nun in the back room . everyone in that room has been kicked out of the house cause the ghost drives them crazy.

Perry - Water Street - a white figure of a girl maybe sixteen or so, has been spotted in the backyards of houses and walks up to the cemetery then disappears.

Perrysburg - J. N. Adam - two ponds are behind the abandoned castle like building J. N. Adam mental institution and former TB ward. Voices and a lingering presence is felt at the gazebo and concrete wall that the water runs off of. also nearby path in the woods that was once a railroad exhibits the same dark unexplained presence.

Plattsburgh - Lake Champlain shore near Georgia Pacific Factory - Reports of disorientation, dizziness, sounds of oars in water, and strange noises with no origin have all been reported.

Plattsburgh - Maple Pond Trailer Park - Some people have encountered strange noises, saw, and felt something going around the park. Not too many people have come forward and some people don't believe.

Plattsburgh - Plattsburgh Air Force Base - Reports of cold spots and strange strobe-type light, apparitions of children, and a window that will not be covered. The base also has a haunted sound throughout certain unpredictable times of horses and soldiers marching, the noise is very loud and overwhelming. alarms going off on there own type writers clicking on there own, sounds of horses and marching, and while on patrol a few officers had an experience or two where we were alone in our vehicles and while the vehicle was at a stand till there was a very loud bang like someone or something slammed against the side of the vehicle.

Plattsburgh - Plattsburgh Air Force Base - The Entrance - At the very entrance to the Old Base are two pillars that are original architecture. Sentries working this gate have reported a Revolutionary War era soldier marching back and forth between the pillars, standing guard. Also haunted by some French and Indian War battles, among other unfortunate incidents.

Plattsburgh - Plattsburgh Air Force Base - Old Gym - The Gym use to have a old Morgue for Mangeled body parts from the wars, It was a insane asylum also. Before that it was old Army base for the Battle of Plattsburgh 1812.theres been reports of screams threw out the night in the gym. People working the gym have heard pounding coming from the doors of where the morgue was. People have heard the weights being moved around when there was no one in there. Sounds of people walking on the upper floor witch is now a track have been reported also..

Plattsburgh - Plattsburgh Air Force Base - Old Side - there is a cemetery where many soldiers are buried. Security Police on patrol have reported many soldiers wandering through the cemetery and the neighboring crematorium (building number 666).

Plattsburgh - Plattsburgh Air Force Base - The military finance building - used to be a surgical hospital. The basement walls are still painted red, to hide the blood stains. Security Police K-9 units refuse to go into the basement of this building. There was a fire in one of the wings, causing many of the bed-ridden patients to be burned alive. People have reported hearing their screams.

Plattsburgh - Plattsburgh Air Force Base - The Surrounding Woods - a long dead figure of a lady dressed in a white dress appears. She was reportedly killed by a robber.

Plattsburgh - Plattsburgh High School - It was said that a boy named David was killed on the front lawn of Plattsburgh High. And till this day he walks around during school and bumps into freshman and wonders the yard at night screaming pack another bowl.

Plattsburgh - State University of New York - Plattsburgh - MacDonough Hall - - What is known to many people as "MacDonough Hall" was once the old morgue for the old Plattsburgh Hospital across the campus. Many students and faculty have seen apparitions and heard strange noises.

Port Chester - Port Chester High School -Tower - Late in the 1940's, senior students at the High School tortured and dragged a freshman to the clock tower as a freshman prank. Upon reaching the top of the old staircase, the young boy fell from the clock tower and landed on the concrete below. He broke his neck and died instantly. The boys responsible for the crime never confessed until they started experiencing hauntings during school. One was haunted so bad that he committed suicide a year later. The boy's ghost still haunts the clock tower today and can be seen opening the door that leads to it. Students also report that the lights flicker upon opening the door.

Port Byron - Church Street Apts. - Beware, this is the place with the most hauntings. This place was built on an ancient Indian burial ground. In almost every apartment there is at least 2 hauntings. If you fall asleep for just at least 10 minutes, you will see Indians roaming around the apartment and they will be gone in at least the blink of an eye.

Port Washington - St. Stephens church - in bathroom every night girl with blonde hair and blue eyes haunts the basement. in bathroom lights go on and off. you hear footsteps occasionally in the hallway.

Potsdam - DK Fraternity - A man named that used to live in this house is said to have killed his whole family. He haunts it but has never hurt anyone. There is an upstairs bedroom where there is a step up about a foot, but the ceiling underneath doesn't rise up at all. It is said he hid the bodies here. There is also a room in this house known as the "cold room." When you go in here you get a chill because it is cold. No matter how many heaters you put in here, the room never gets warm. There are many Sisson Mansions, and all are connected by underground tunnels, none of which have been found.

Poughkeepsie - Christ Episcopal Church - The ghost of former Rector, Dr. Alexander Griswold Cummings has been reported here many times since his death in the late 1940s or early 50s. While he was still living, he did not like using candles, so candles used during services were repeatedly blown out. At one point, a bat materialized in the church, then disappeared. In the 1970s, Bishop James Pike, Rector at the time, scared the ghost away from the sanctuary by bringing his dog into the church. After that, Alexander remained quiet for a while. In the 1990s, Alexander surfaced again. This time, it was because current Rector, the Rev. Michael Phillips, decided to move the Rector's office to a different location in the building. The move outraged the ghost, and for years afterwards, the old rector's office (now the library) would be freezing cold in the mornings, even during the spring. Eventually, the ghost went back into hiding. Another ghost is the spirit of an elderly lady, who died in the middle of a service sometime in the 1910s. Her ghost has been seen sitting in a pew halfway back, and many who sit halfway back in darkness in the evening and night feel a strange presence, even if there appears to be nothing there.

Poughkeepsie - Dutch Reformed Church- The church's late caretaker can still be heard tapping his fingers on the desk in his old office. The sounds of his keys jingling and his whistling are heard throughout the building, most commonly in the gym and kitchen.

Poughkeepsie - Dutchess Community College - Bowne Hall - The college is built on the site of an old TB hospital. The main administration building, Bowne Hall, was one of the main hospital buildings. The basement of this building contained the hospitals morgue. Maintenance personnel have accounted strange happenings such as a 'weird presence'.

Poughkeepsie - Marist College - As the story goes; Shelly was killed by a jealous boyfriend in the school's cafeteria. Since then, she has been a presence in Sheahan Hall, where she lived. Most of her activity involves folding clothes, opening/closing doors, screwing with televisions and occasional bumps in the night. She may also be linked to some strange occurrences at a grotto dedicated to those who died at Marist.

Poughkeepsie - Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Center - Mid Hudson psychiatric center is now closed. After dark loud noises and screams can be heard, sometimes-lost spirits are seen wandering the grounds. Reports of a large orb that chases people.

Poughkeepsie - Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery - Countless spirits roam the grounds, and have done so for years! Some can-and-want to be seen, or otherwise noticed, some just "observe" those of us still here.

Providence - Bills Road Infirmary - Once an infirmary for TB patients now vacant. Many noises such as foot steps, coughing, talking. Sometimes banging noises. Cold feelings and a feeling of pressure or a feeling of it being harder to breath when in some locations of the building.

Pulteney - South Pulteney - There is an abandoned cemetery in the woods that has no record due to a fire at the town hall. Many apparitions have been seen, including a man in a cowboy hat and trench coat, and a small child. The number of people and from when there were buried are unknown. The only remnants are worn out and broken headstones.

Pultneyville - Williamson - Pultneyville Cemetery - Shadows moving in the trees & on the ground with nothing to make them. Various sounds heard by cliff overlooking Lake Ontario.

Purchase - State University of New Yory - Purchase - There is a cemetery on campus. If you happen to be studying in one of the college halls near the cemetery site... especially at night...strange and uncanny occurrences happen from time to time.. If your lucky. Also, there have been rumors of a mental institution that existed at one time near the college behind the woods. In those woods it is known someone committed suicide, they shot themselves with a rifle.

Putnam - Carmel - Smalleys Inn Restaurant - building has been there since 1852, several incidents have happened, ghostly images have appeared, phone calling each other, sightings of a little girl, things falling from there places. cold in a little liquor room in the basement strange sounds and feelings.- December 2003 addition: Local radio station K104.7 sends some of its employees during the Woodman in the Morning show to haunted places during October and Smalleys happens to be the one where they find the most activity. In addition to all the things already listed, the employees have found out that the name of the little girl haunting the place is named Elizabeth Smalley and while on location, she has called the Inn and giggled on the other end. In the wine cellar, there has been large collection of crickets that chirped whenever someone is closed inside. Lights flicker on and off quite often and the radio show employees have heard a multitude of various things while on air, including lots of random static while on a regular cordless phone in which they have heard voices, mostly Elizabeth giggling or sometimes crying. They have also taken many picture riddled with orbs, in some of which faces can be seen. The radio employees also believe that one of the radio show hosts may now be personally haunted by Elizabeth as they have heard her voice on air while he is at different haunted locations.

Queens - American Museum of Moving Image - voices heard when no on there. Footsteps following you at night. Black woman in white dress seen often sitting in the security desk at night.

Queens - Bayside - Fort Totten - 150-year-old military base also an old Indian burial ground (under soccer field). Many areas are haunted. In mid-May '00, one guard was dozing in his patrol car at night when he heard a knock on the window. He opened his eyes to see 2 men, one on either side of the car, pointing at him & laughing. He could see right thru them. This guard (an ex-marine) never believed in ghosts & taunted the others who did. The other guards wouldn't go to that area at night & warned him that it was haunted, but he didn't believe them then.

Queens - Flushing - Aurora Concept - Aurora Concept now a Rehab was once a Dancing Studio. A young girl hung herself on the Girls side of the Building in a room, which as a floor entrance too downstairs in one of the closets. Many people have seen a ghost, heard noises, had doors slam on them, lights shut off and on, & radio playing without being turned on.

Queens - Jamaica - St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox School - A young boy, wearing the school uniform (A white shirt with a navy blue tie and navy blue pants)he roams the basement hallways with a rope tied around his neck; he was hung. After the boy was missing, a priest vanished. You can still see the little boy in the hallways walking slowly

Queens - Woodhaven blvd - St. John's cemetery - Sounds coming from no where, objects appearing, and cold spots reported.

Raquette Lake - Brightside Hotel - this hotel stopped business about 20 years ago and was big in the early 1900's. There was an old lady that stayed there and died in her room. All her stuff still sits in the same spot where she left it. Even though people have moved it, it still finds its way back.

Raxbury - John Burroughs Gravesite - The place is in the middle of a forest, Roxbury is the closest town to it. At Burroughs gravesite there is his grave, which is covered with grass. (He was a famous naturalist) and a rock nearby on which he sat and thought about his discoveries. If you sit directly in the center, you will feel a cold spot.

Red Creek - Red Creek Central School - A construction worker was killed during the building of the new gymnasium. It is said that he can be heard roaming through the gym.

Rhinebeck - Wildey Farm - A women can be heard humming. Raps on the walls and feelings of a presence. This ghost has lived peacefully with every new family that has moved in. In fact, when the property is sold, they state that it comes with a ghost. They believe it to be Mrs. Wildey, who lived there from the late 1700's to early 1800's.

Rochester - Aquinas Institute - There was a girl, named Victoria, who had a lead role in a musical, but in the night of the opening performance she died in a car accident. She is said to haunt the costume room in the attic, also known as "heaven", at Aquinas. Every once and a while, while the tech crew are up there a door may slam or a window and there's footsteps when no one else is up there.

Rochester - Durand Eastman Park/Beach - The Lady in White roams searching for her daughter who had supposedly been raped and murdered by unknown assailants. There are many different versions to the story, but this is indeed a documented fact in the Irondequoit libraries, and police department.

Rochester - Gates Chili High School - A young boy died driving drunk when he was only a junior. He died and now is reported haunting the school. Looking for his girlfriend. Who at the time was pregnant with his baby. At night many see him speeding around the school.

Rochester - Holy Sepulchre Cemetery - you can see ghostly apparitions of dark shadowy woman in black, and in the children's section, you can find white figures that look like smoke almost.

Rochester - St. Helens School - Sr. Mary Catherine a late principal at St. Helens School bled to death from a tragic accident. She made her way to the tower before she bled to death. People can still hear her calling and screaming and sometimes see her figure crawling on the stairs up to the bathroom in the tower.

Rochester - University of Rochester - Library - The old stacks of the library are said to be haunted by a workman who fell during the construction of the library in 1929. Numerous sightings have been reported over the years as documented by the Campus Time newspaper.

Rochester - Webster Castle - People have reported seeing ghosts roam the remains of the house late at night.

Rome - Delta Plaza - A store that is for sale. In the corner of one of the rooms there is a stool that when light is flashed on it you can see a ghostly apparition. And in the mirror if you watch it for at least 2 minutes you can see a figure appear and then run away. During the day there are stairs that lead to the upstairs but at night, all you can see is the stairs and then they are ended by a white wall.

Rome - Fort Stanwix - A Revolutionary War fort rebuilt on its original site. Many soldiers in period dress have been sighted in various places through out the fort. Around sunrise you can sometimes hear drums and fifes, a lady crying for her sick child can be heard also. A one legged man has also been spotted by employees as well as tourists sitting in one of the barracks. At all hours of the day and night you can hear footsteps, voices, sounds of someone sweeping a floor, chopping wood, and such antics as lights going on and off by themselves, doorknobs turning, and the security alarm system being tripped.

Rome - Rome Catholic High School - After School hours, there have been numerous sightings of a ghost dressed in a nuns habit. It is known to be found in the Lab rooms, upstairs. Lights occasionally flicker, windows open and close, and water turns on and off.

Rome - Star Hill - Legend has it that an old man used to live in a small house by a graveyard and that he had a rocking chair he would sit in. Later, the old man would die and his rocking chair would be left alone and guarded by his spirit. It is said that sometimes if you look, and see his rocking chair there, everything is okay, but if it not there, then the spirit is very mad and that you better leave.

Sackets Harbor - Army Barracks - There are old army barracks on Lake Ontario in Sackets Harbor. At night there has been a man with a light upstairs on one of the balconies. This is also the sight of the war of 1812 and is an old battlefield.

Sackets Harbor - Battle Field - Rumor has is that a sentry was caught asleep on duty. When the other soldiers found him sleeping, they beat him to death to make a point. Now he paces the battle field from time to time, as if still on guard -- forever paying for his mistake.

Sackets Harbor - Madison Barracks Pub - Tales of a previous female resident who has a temper and who likes to watch TV in the middle of the night when everyone is gone and the place is locked up. Other occurrences include unexplained power surges and light problems.

Saratoga Springs - The Adelphi Hotel - is haunted by a woman in a blue Victorian dress, foot steps are heard doors open and shut, windows open and shut lights go on and off etc.

Saratoga Springs - the battlefields - are haunted.

Saratoga Springs - The Casino - in congress park is haunted, lights go on and off and the shades go up and down on the top floor.

Sauquoit - Orchard Hall - Orchard Hall is an old restaurant built in the late 1800's. The ghosts name is Julia and right around the time that it was built some one was at the bar downstairs and they slammed a gun on the bar and it went off killing her and she has been seen there rocking in a chair upstairs and turning on lights in the middle of the night.

Scarborough - The Sparta cemetery - on the Scarborough / Ossining border is haunted by a number of spirits unknown as of this date. People have reported inexplicable mists and voices late at night in the fall at or around this old cemetery.

Schenectady - Lowell Rd - A man once killed himself at a house on Lowell rd. Since then its been reported of lights going off and doors swinging open. The house is and will always be haunted.

Schenectady - The Stockade/ Front Street Park - It has been said that it was an Indian burial ground and when you stand close to it you can truly feel the presence of something or someone. The benches of the park have been occupied and then suddenly empty as well.

Schenectady - Union College - There is a wonderful garden behind the college. On the first full moon after the summer solstice, the spirit of Alice is said to walk along the creek there. She was burned at the stake centuries ago.

Schenectady - Veil Cemetery on State Street - Several of the statues bleed from their eyes and tops of their heads, and sometimes "cry out" at night. Apparitions, both white and black, have been sighted roaming through the graves and sitting up in trees. The old church on the site houses many apparitions. Strange lights can be seen in the windows, and an eerie "singing" can be heard just beyond the front doors.

Schenectady - Yates Elementary School - Reports of the ghost of a young girl open an upstairs door, across from our classroom, and enter beyond it. She has short, wavy hair, was dressed in a brown flowered dress that went halfway down her shins, ankle socks, and old shoes. The door is always locked, and as students always assumed it was a closet. They told the teacher. She checked the door, and as it was still locked, she used the school secretaries key to check. The closet was actually a short set of stairs which led to a singular classroom which was no longer used and unknown to the current students. The girl was not found. My father, who attended the same school as a child, told me that the old room was used to teach retarded children in his and his own father's day. It was always locked even then to prevent the children from leaving. Many students as well as some teachers had seen spirit children open or go through the locked door to the classroom at the top of the hidden stairs.

Seneca - Lodi - Mill Creek - There was said to be a woman that mysteriously was drowned in this creek. It was called a suicide, but the water was only 4 feet deep at the deepest spot where this woman was found. There is also a graveyard that runs along side the edge of the gorge of this creek. There have been stories of a woman ,dressed in black garments of the 1800s alongside the creek,opposite the graveyard, looking right at a person, with a sad expression on her face, and then pointing across the gorge (towards the cemetary) and then disapearing. She has been seen in various areas of this property. In addition, General Sullivan was said to have marched through this area, burning down Native Americans crops along the way, and was said to have buried his cannowith all the soldiers pay somewhere, alongside the creek. Occasionally an erie feeling will come over people when they walk through that area. - This land is privately owned, but with permission from the owners,people would likely be able to investigate.

Seneca Falls - Seneca Falls Historical Museum - The museum is supposedly haunted by a former resident named Edward Mynderse. The ghost is referred to as "Edward" and has been known to throw stuffed animals across rooms and remove tacks from the storm window plastic. He is a friendly ghost, a practical jokester. Museumgoers are informed of the ghost upon visiting the museum.

Seneca Lake - Williard - It was an old mental hospital that still has patients that have never left. It's now a prison.

Sherrill - The Mansion House - The house is now a bed and breakfast and it is said to be believed that the bottom two floors that are now not accessible are haunted.

Shirley - Kohl's - In the break room at night the lockers and doors open and close by themselves and motion detector lights go on when no one is there. This is haunted because when there was a Sear's built there a man died up there from carrying something and falling. Up in the storage room toys go on by themselves.

Shirley - South Haven Park - A room in the local park police station is believed to be a haunted by an unknown ghost. Strange occurrences and weird noises have emitted from this room and for this reason it is unused and kept closed.

Smithtown - field at the end of bow - it has been said that a small boy playing hockey on the frozen pond fell through the ice and was never seen again. many people say they have seen a lone hockey player shooting pucks whenever the pond freezes over but when they call out to him he suddenly melts into the ice.

Springville - Western House - This was once an old hotel and saloon, but is now apartments and a restaurant. It is said to be haunted by the daughter of the first owner, her name is Christine.

Staten Island - Abandoned Cement Factory - On one occasion it was reported that disembodied footsteps and screams were heard inside of the factory. Reports of a loud growl, voices, and footsteps and on one occasion, the entire facility shook violently. On the second floor, a chair that was placed in the corner, when the witness turned around to walk out of the room, their partner yelled that the chair was now at a desk in the center of the room.

Staten Island - Baron Hirsch Cemetery - The cemetery has spirits dating back to the early 1800's. People who live in the neighborhood have reported that some of the spirits from the cemetery have gravitated to the houses near the cemetery property and have now become unwelcome residents. Shadowy figures have been seen near these homes.

Staten Island - Old Bermuda Inn - (Arthur Kill Rd) Specter of a young woman walks thru dining areas, and appears on stairs. - June 2008 Update/Additional Information – A former worker reports experiencing The Female ghost. She is the spirit of the woman who lived in the home. Her husband had built the farmhouse when they were married, but he was called of in the civil war. When the husband returned home, he found his wife in bed with another man. He killed both of them and buried her on the property. The building has gone through a major renovation, but the basement was pretty much a dug out stone lined pit where there were many spirits. They were all either soldiers or slaves that would use the tunnels to hide in. There would be lights shattering for no reason, cold winds piercing your skin, and at one point The worker was actually thrown into a wall and the doors leading to an area in the basement that was cross nailed shut banged as if someone was running to hide in the dark. When you go into the new building now, there is the wedding photo of the spirit who still remains in the building to this day.

Staten Island - Old Brier House - Now an abandoned old building. A little girl who once lived there saw an apparition of a women in a wedding gown at the end of a hall. At 2:00 A.M. every morning, the residents would hear gunshots coming from the basement.

Staten Island - Billop House - (foot of Hylan Blvd)- occasional apparitions of several Revolutionary War era ghosts in the house and garden.

Staten Island - Canard Mansion - (now St. John's Univ-Howard Av)- Ghostly face of man who committed suicide in the 1890's appears at window of second floor.

Staten Island - College of Staten Island - The college radio station (WSIA) has had reports of equipment running on its own and lights going on and off, there have even been sightings of figures standing in rooms alone.

Staten Island - The Conference House, next-door to The Billop House - It's said that the house is haunted by Redcoats- when walking through it you can feel someone tap your shoulder or you can hear the faint sound of singing.

Staten island - Fort Wadsworth - The ghosts here play games with your eyes. Sights of a mysterious soldier ghost walking through walls and moving cars, also some people have reported blacking out and having flash backs- one woman reported flashing back into a war time and seeing though the eyes of a nurse with black curly hair she saw people hurt and dying in a room she looked out the window to see more and a soldier grabbed her arm and turned her around screamed in her face to get down and take cover, the room exploded and she snapped back to reality. Also as people look a empty fields, blink and see dead soldiers and blood, look away and look back to see an empty field. Also two girls have reported walking through the old fort Thompins, on a long dark road they on a wall separating the beach from the road two people "going at it " on the cement wall, as the walked past they made noise so the people would know they were there, the people disappeared and a bat flew and them inches from they're faces.

Staten Island - Kreischer Mansion - It's said that a girl mysteriously got pushed in to and locked in a closet that would not open and someone had to break the door down. There are mysterious banging noises, doors slamming on their own, and apparitions in the mirrors. Cold winds have swept through the basement area.

Staten Island - Old Seaview Hospital - An old T.B. and insane asylum hospital, vacant and guarded by a fence-located on Brielle Ave. across from the newly situated Seaview Hospital- many spirits are known to roam the old buildings of the hospitals-spirits of tortured patients.

Staten Island - The Parsonage (Richmond town Restaurant near the pond) - When traveling by the restaurant late at night(from 10-2) many have seen an apparition of a woman in old-fashioned clothing and a bonnet in the very upper window and on some days the ghostly single light bulb hanging from the ceiling flickers and sways. Also, when eating at the restaurant, there is said to be spirits of men dressed in civil war attire walking out the door and toward the cemetery across the street.

Staten Island - Richmond Town - Richmond Town is located off of Amboy Road in Staten Island New York with a number of historical houses to visit. The houses range from 100-300 years old. All of the houses are known to have spirits in them. If you go there late at night, there is a specific house located on one of the side streets, which is white in color with a green cellar door on the side of the house. If you look up at the left hand window, you will without a doubt see the apparition of a little boy in the window. Two little boys were known to have died in the upper level of the house. You can go on a tour of Richmond Town during the day with the tour guides,(but it's more fun to explore at night). The up stairs in the children's house smells like a hospital, and the kitchen of the children's house still smells like the burning of the stove after a meal. If you go near the kitchen window at night, it smells like something was just cooked on the wood-burning stove. The schoolhouse in historical Richmond town is also haunted. There is also a small graveyard next to the old courthouse in Richmond Town, which has many restless spirits in it. One spirit is that of a young girl with a broken heart, who has been known to wander around at night looking for her lost love. When boys walk passed the graveyard or through Richmond Town, she sometimes mistakes them for being her long lost love.

Staten Island - St. Augustine Monastery - During the 1800s, St. Augustine was a holding ground for nuns, priests, and monks in training. One of the monks in training was said to have gone crazy. The Brother went about and killed everyone who resided in St. Augustine Monastery. To this day, it was said that the restless spirit of the Brother still roams the halls. Researchers have even claimed that they have seen or felt the spirit in the basement area.

Staten Island - Tottenville - The woods at the end of Hylan Blvd, on Satterlee, were once an old Indian burial ground. If the trails are followed properly, you will come across an in-ground well, or DUMPING AREA, but be careful, DON'T GET TOO CLOSE! It is said that there are still spirits wandering around what is also now a car graveyard.

Staten Island - Vanderbilt Tomb - (Moravian Cemetery-Richmond Rd)- Photos taken of people at the tomb either have additional (unknown) persons present when developed, or just the tomb appears with no image of the people who posed.

Staten Island - West Brighton - there is a dark man that runs in front of your car sometimes carrying an item or two

Staten Island - Wolfe's Pond Park - In Wolfe's pond park in prince's bay Staten island, if you enter the park through a path next to the prince's bay train station and follow the paths down you will come across a small 20 ft. cliff. At the bottom is a large pond. If you stand on the banks of the pond on a spot that has an upside down car in the water. At that spot in the 1970's a car with two teenagers inside mistakenly drove off that 20 ft drop and overturned. Their bodies were not found for two weeks. You are known to experience cold sensations or visions of a phantom car rolling and overturning in the lake. IN the 1970's and 80's several children were abducted, raped and murdered in these woods. Several people have reported hearing disembodied screams and crying, Some have even said they've seen little children walking on the path crying searching for their parents or possibly their killer.

St. Bonaventure - St. Bonaventure University - Devereux Hall - The top floor of this residence hall was supposedly closed after a séance held by students went too far and someone died. Students say they can hear noises coming from the floor. Students have also reported seeing a ghost jogger who runs up and down the halls.

Stillwater - Stillwater Cemetery - Sightings of a green glowing orb above a gravesite

Stony Brook - Country House Restaurant - An old farm house built in 1710, used as a stagecoach station in the1800's. Now a restaurant, is haunted by the ghost of a young woman who was hanged by the British as a spy during the revolutionary war. It's said that her presence can be felt on the staircase and in the kitchen.

Stony Brook - Mill House - Abandoned house where a woman in white can be seen pacing the top floor of the house with a candle.

Steuben - Bath - V. A. Center Cemetery - it is said you can that you can see the soldiers.

Steuben - Potato Hill - Many strange noises are heard and occasionally you can see a lantern in the cemetery and high beams from a car that isn't really there.

Strykersville - Goosehill Cemetery - The cemetery on the top of Goosehill is from the 1800-early 1900's. Very small (about 30 graves or so) surrounded by woods on top of a steep hill, many have witnessed strange dark shadows walking around, and unexplained voices from the woods surrounding it.

Suffolk County - Lindenhurst - Mary O'Leary's grave - Behind Queen of the Rosary Academy, there is a cemetery that priests and nuns were buried in. A young novice had fallen in love with one of the grounds keepers. She snuck out of the convent one night to meet her lover. They were going to run away and get married. Before her lover got there she was raped and murdered. Because of the horrible way that she was murdered she could not be buried in the cemetery so they buried her where they found her body. on the night of a full moon if you pulled up by her grave stone you could see her standing on the road side. They have since opened the road and her gravestone can no longer be found. However, when you drive a certain point of new highway, you can hear screams.

Sunnyside - Irvington - Former home of Washington Irving is reportedly haunted by his ghost and those of his nieces who used to take care of the place. He likes to pinch women, and the nieces have been known to tidy the place at night after the interpreters have left for the evening.

Sylvan Beach - Skinners Harbor - Apparently years back, a boy got into a horrible accident involving a dump truck. Although details are limited, it's known that he suffered massive head/face trauma that led him to his death. People say that late at night you can still hear the horn and the sickening crush of the young boy against the pavement. There are reports of seeing the mangled child floating in nearby waters also.

Sylvan Beach - Sterling Road - A long unpaved road, said to hear high pitched screaming in the distance. There is a lot of commotion when you stop in the middle of the road. Two gravestones located on a hill.

Sylvan Beach - Yesterday's Royal - is haunted by a few ghosts, one is named "Jack" and his room is on the second level of the restaurant, the other is a woman that has been seen in the dining area.

Syracuse - "13 curves" - located on Onondaga Hill, apparently is the site where about 70 years ago a newly married couple had been killed in an auto accident trying to go through the treacherous curves. To this day it is said that a woman in a flowing white gown can be seen through the woods looking for her bridegroom.

Syracuse - Community Senior Center (former Fire House Station) - Located on Seneca Turnpike (Rt. 173) south of the city b/n Salina and Midland Aves, this former fire station is host to a spirit that walks the stairs and upper floor.

Syracuse - Elmcrest Children's Center - Cottages 1,2,4 and 10 - Various noises late at night, several occasions voices and foot pounding coming from the attic. Over the years staff working at night have indicated the sounds of silverware being used, pool balls being used and cries from children coming from the basement and various rooms in the cottages. Several occasions some people have seen young children, shadows of people and felt hands on their bodies working during the evening hours. Overall an active hot spot for supernatural life, the buildings date back to the 1900's. 

Syracuse - The Landmark Theatre - An apparition known as the "lady in white" has been seen by numerous people over many decades. She is usually seen lingering quietly in the balcony of the theater.

Syracuse - Split Rock Quarry - On July 12, 1918, a munitions plant exploded at Split Rock Quarry, west of Syracuse. It took the lives of 50 men with it. 15 were never identified and buried in a common grave. More than 80 years after the plant blew up, the spirits of the dead still roam the ledges or stand on the ruined rock crusher of the old quarry. They glow in shades of green and yellow, a ghostly after-image of the effects of picric acid, the bitter, and toxic explosive that once stained miners' skin yellow-green. - August 2004 additional information: at split rock quarry in syracuse, new york it is said that there is a vortex by the munitions plant and you disappear for a half an hour and end up on the bottom of a hill...also the rock crusher that is there makes a humming noise like it is still running...in a tunnel that is behind the rock crusher there are stalagmites {i think thats what they are called} that actually still have blood on the end of them {it is supposedly blood but it looks like paint}...just thought you might like some extra information on things that happen there.

Syracuse - Western Lights - The area around western lights and the housing developments are considered to be an old Indian bury ground

Syracuse - Woodlawn cemetery - A strange white apparition has been known to chase visitors.

Tarrytown - Marymount College of Fordham University - The ghosts of founders Father Gailhac and Mother Butler roam the halls of the dorms and protect the girls of this women's college. Evil spirits lurk in Sacky parking lot, left behind when the Sacky House was torn down before the college was built in 1907. Most haunted dorms: Gailhac Hall and Gerard Hall. Strange phenomenon exist in these halls from invisible bed guests to bed shaking and the constant feeling of being watched. Beware students and stay far away from Ouija Boards.

Tonawanda - Elmlawn Cemetery - At night orbs can be seen, when driving by this cemetery. A number of unidentified lights as well can be seen inside the cemetery as well. This normally occurs between midnight and 3am.

Tonawanda - Elmlawn Cemetery / Church - years ago, a young woman was just married to the love of her life in that church. And she was crossing the street to go in their "get away carriage”, she was run over and killed instantly by an oncoming carriage. It has been said that you can still see her cross the street after dark!

Tonawanda - Mighty Taco on Eggert Street - The cooler in the back, and surrounding areas outside the cooler by the dumpster is said to be the home of an unexplained presence. Workers will at times be in the back, back section, in the freezer, when they feel a sudden sense of danger, and a hurried need to get out. similar unnatural feelings have occurred by the dumpster, right outside the cooler. It is not certain the reasons for this, but never the less the feelings remain, unexplained.

Troy - Forest Park / Pine wood Cemetery - Forest Park cemetery (also known as Pinewood Cemetery is known to be in the top ten haunted cemeteries in the country. It is an old deserted cemetery - no new bodies have been buried there for many years. Many ghosts have been sighted there, photos of strange things have also been taken and published in the local newspapers. A renowned psychic says the cemetery was build on an Indian burial ground, and the spiritual activity is very turbulent and malicious. - January 2007 Correction: In 2004 there was indeed someone buried in the cemetery.

Troy - Frear Park - Large "things" like to jump onto cars that sit in the park. They leave claw marks on the back. There is no large wildlife in this area. Its the feeling like when a friend jumps onto the back of your car when you a about to drive away.

Troy - Lansingburgh High school - There is said to be children running and playing in room 243 at night, there also is said to be a ghost of john in the same room and can be seen walking around with a axe.. there was a mass murder in 1936.

Troy - St. Mary's Cemetery - Just at the bottom of the hill, a green, glowing orb can be seen hovering right in front of a gravestone.

Troy - Troy Cemetery - Long after midnight, especially on Halloween; many people have reported witnessing the statue of the Holy Mary crying blood. Along with other ghostly sightings throughout the cemetery. The Troy Cemetery has been called one of the most haunted cemeteries in the United States.

Troy - Troy Country Club - When driving by the Troy Country Club at night there have been sightings of a waitress that worked there in the 70's. It is rumored that when she was driving to work there one winter night, her car slipped on ice and fell off the bridge. Even in the daytime you can see footprints leading into the woods in the snow.

Troy - West Hall - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - This building served as a hospital prior to becoming a classroom building for RPI. The ghost of a lady in white is often seen walking the halls. She is said to be a nurse that died in a fire that gutted the building while trying to save children. The ghost is welcomed and well liked. Signs jokingly say things such as "Please turn off the lights for the ghost when you leave."

Utica - Old General Electric Bldg - If you head east (towards the valley) on broad street in Utica and go past the last set of stairs of the now closed general electric bldg, you can catch out of the corner of your eye, a man sitting on the top step, and get a cold chill.

Utica - old psychiatric ward - this was an active psyc ward that was shut down. Stories from old employees include tunnels connecting buildings together, death tunnels, and actual "torture chambers in the lower basement levels, to where you can actually see the chains on the wall that were to used to sedate violent residents at the time that there was no meds, or tranquilizers. place is very haunted and a good portion has been torn down, but a good portion still stands which is now a WELL protected building by authorities.

Utica - Stanley Theatre - There is a seat that they do not sell the ticket for, nor will they tell you what seat it is. Many people who have sat in the seat have felt someone sit on them, or try to force them out of the seat.

Utica - St. Agnes Cemetery - a lady spirit has been reported walking around the cemetery.

Utica - Trenton Road Ave - The Weaver House (torn down) Get on Trenton road and head towards Deerfield. Go past willow dr., and less than an 1/8 of a mile there will be a traffic light and on the left will be a red broken down house with spray paint on it. This is the house lost in a fire owned by the Weavers. The fire killed some members of the family and their graves are on top of a hill past the house on the left. Look hard and you'll find it. A ghost has been seen walking with a lamp into the woods and up to the grave sight.

Valley Stream - Extreme Western Area - In the area of Valley Stream which is adjacent to Hook Creek Boulevard in Queens one can often feel the sensation that he or she is being watched by someone when there actually is nobody there. Along the Long Island Rail Road tracks there is a long trail upon which I often got strange feelings of being observed. The area was occupied by Rockaway Indians long ago. The railroad has been there since the 1860's and many people had been killed by trains before the tracks were elevated in the 1940's.

Valley Stream - Valley Stream State Park - Young Woman seen sitting in woods then disappearing within a few seconds without a trace

Victor - Boughton Hill Park - A witch had been buried just outside the park on the north side. She has been seen roaming near and around the park late at night on several occasions.

Victor - New Michigan Road - A woman and her new husband were traveling home along New Michigan Road when they had a carriage accident, that killed them both. The Lady in White is still searching for her husband along the road. She has been spotted during the full moon along the road.

Victor - Powder Mills Park - haunted by many different spirits, including that of a bearded man in period dress.

Victor - Valentown Museum - History says there was a murder in the ballroom back long ago. When a TV show was investigating they had many personal experiences like hearing music softly playing, seeing shadows, etc. They lost the audio that they had of apparitions while doing their investigation. Noting concrete was proven but there is a deep history of the property.

Wallkill - Wallkill Correctional Facility - It's a medium security state prison built in 1932. Both Corrections Officers and Inmates have reported seeing an inmate from years back appear and disappear. He is dressed in an old-style tan uniform. One Officer reported finding a button on the gallery's desk - from an old-style tan uniform. At the same time, an inmate saw a man go past the officer's desk -dressed in an old style tan uniform.

Wallkill - Wallkill Correctional Facility - Catholic Chapel - Another Officer was up one night in the Catholic Chapel playing around with the electronic organ. After he was done playing, he turned the organ off. All of a sudden, as he was leaving, the organ began to play ferociously - and then quit out. He got out of the Catholic Chapel.

Wallkill - Wallkill Correctional Facility - Mess Hall - Reports of officers & inmates encountering figures moving past them at various times and names being called, usually in the mess hall and in one of the corridors.

Warwick - Old Demerist Hotel (now an art school and general contracting company) - Now the hotel is surrounded by buildings. But Back in the days of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, Many people were murdered inside the hotel by red coats, murderers, or anyone. The top half of the building is closed. Every now and then people report of seeing blood on the windows and screams late at night from the building.

Warwick - Wickham Rail Road Tracks - A white ball of light, similar to the front of a train engine, has appeared out of nowhere and rides the rails. Many people in the Wickham area have seen this phenomenon. It comes at you so quickly that there is just enough time to jump out of the way. It then disappears quickly as it materialized.

Washingtonville - Metro North Trestle - During the construction of the train trestle, two men were inexplicably found hanging by suspension cords used to lift steel beams. Passersby have noted the sound of snapping necks coming from under the trestle.

Watkins Glen - Hidden Valley 4-H camp - Back when the camp first opened, the campers would go camping at a large flat clearing in thee woods. About 10-15ft from the area at which the camper's sleep is a steep hill (about 80deg.), with a large creek at the bottom. A boy known as Riley was found at the bottom of that hill in the creek one morning after a campout. He was though to have slept walked off the side of the hill. After his death a healthy cluster of trees started to grow in one knot like tree. The tree now resembles a throne, but what is weird about it is, the part you would sit on looks like a face(said to be the devils throne).

Westchester - Buckhout Road - On the border of White Plains, NY and possibly New Castle, NY, there is a road tucked away in the woods. Buckhout road evidently dates way back to the early days of the country, 1600's. the local magistrate or some such, (an influential person in the area nonetheless) by the name of Isaac Buckhout suspected that his wife was cheating on him with a friend of his. He invited the friend and his son over to dinner one night where he proceeded to take a shotgun and kill the two of them as well as his wife. Afterward he walked a good 12-15 miles to Tarrytown and sat in a pub until the police picked him up a few hours later. The jury that tried him deliberated for days over his sentence but as the story goes he was the last man hung in White Plains, NY. Now apparently off the main road there are several side roads wherein if you walk into the woods you will see houses that have been abandoned. Further legend has it that back in the 1600's three women were burned at the stake supposedly for witchcraft where the road now lies. There have been reports of their spirits supposedly roaming the area around the road and rumors tell a story of three X's being painted on the road to mark the spot where the woman died. As legend goes, if you drive over these X's and stop, your car will stall and "strange things will happen." Exactly what is not known. Additionally there is also an old Zionist cemetery in the area which is supposedly comprised mostly of slaves who died during the 1600's. - September 2004 update: There is no trespassing in this area. be warned.

Westchester - Yorktown Heights - Nutley Circle - In this fairly new (30 year old) development of houses, one in particular has been documented by several witnesses of being occupied by spirits. During the early morning hours, the chairs around the kitchen table can be heard moving from the table and scraping along the floor. Whenever investigated, no one has been found in the room. This has been happening from the early 1970's to date.

Wappinger Falls - Bowdoin Park/ old Haunted Mansion site - Believed to be haunted by Sigfried who was a prisoner of war in a war camp that was on that spot. He was put to work in the kitchen and killed himself by putting himself in the oven. There is also a tree just outside of the building that was used to hang Indians and you can feel them when you touch it. In the attic, which was used as a makeup room, people have seen a telescope floating as if someone is looking for ships. There are also other parts of the park that are haunted.

Watertown - Thompson Park - Apparent Time vortex/ portal which sends individuals through a lapse of time and or location. http://www.hauntedny.com/ has more information on a related case.

Waterville - Sanger Mansion - Apparently the mansion used o be a monk monastery, and it is said that if you go there at night you can see the spirits of the monks walking around.

Wales - Gootleburg Cemetery - Strange mists and fogs hover above this sinister cemetery. In the late 1800's, a doctor who performed abortions is said to have buried the fetuses of aborted babies in a shallow grave of about 2 feet. He is also believed to have buried some of the unlucky mothers who did not survive the abortion. Dogs started bringing home bones around that time period, and body parts would be caught on fishing lines in the nearby pond. Babies have even been reported crawling around at night. At the tree where the doctor hanged himself on top of the hill, you can sometimes see an apparition. - February 2007 Correction: The crawling babies has not be witnessed by the investigator submitting the correction. The fog does seem to hit this particular cemetery in a off way. People claim they hit a large black dog, and it does significant damage to their vehicles but no animal is ever found. a large black dog running on the above hill has been seen many times. It is believed this is not a living creature. Also the pond that is behind and to the right a bit from the cemetery was not where they had trouble with most of the bones and body parts. It was an extension stream that leads into the neighboring creek that most of the problems occurred. There is also a man who strolls up and down the road daily in 1920's attire, combing his hair. Warning:The cemetery has been badly vandalized and there isn't a single stone that isn't in pieces. Police patrol it pretty steadily.

Waverly - Elm street - Well in the school that's across from a graveyard there's this little girl wearing a yellow dress that a lot of people have seen people have seen things in that cemetery especially and apparently if you listen & concentrate you can hear the little girl who's name is Mary.

Wayne - Isle of Pines - The isle of Pines, is an old hotel, that no longer stands, there is a house that now stands right next to where the hotel used to be, they say that you can see a lady riding a horse and that she was killed. The house is also haunted, because anybody that lived or lives there dies within 2-4 years of living there, by murder, or sickness, or anything. They say that this ground is cursed and haunted.

Wayne - Williamson - Stephs Pond Nude Retreat - Hearing doors open and close with no one around. Hearing drawers opening and closing - there are no drawers in the guesthouse, And reports of an apparition of a woman in a white T-shirt.

West Babylon - Badger Lane - This is a narrow road (surrounded by trees) with a only a few abandoned houses on the road. At night, you can see a ghost in the houses wandering around. - June 2005 Update – Badger Lane in West Babylon is now a new housing development. The old homes are gone.

West Babylon - South Bay Elementary School - Many sightings of a little boy wandering in the recreation area at night is seen, he's usually seen walking around the area where the old fire house burnt down around the late 1800's.also, numerous times, an old man that looks poor is seen wandering.

West Hempstead - streets around Eagle Ave. & the Train Tracks - there have been multiple sightings by locals. Most are at the train station. a floating blue/white light which looks like an old man. Is seen "walking" slowly across the tracks. when he is across he turns back looks and dissipates. Others have seen the old man walking in front of there houses in every case the man looks at the onlooker then dissipates. The neighborhood dogs wont even go out side at times and in some rare cases when people noticed that there dogs wouldn't even come into different rooms in there houses they have reported seeing the man in there house. But that is rare and only two people have seen this. Some people don't see the man but here a voice whisper "come here."

West Islip - West Islip High School - In the gym at night you can hear childrens voices. They are laughing and playing with each other. Also, a boy is said to haunt the school who was killed there. He now roams the hallways.

Westfield - McClurg Mansion - The spirits of maids are know to haunt this mansion. Mr. William Steward lived here once. In the basement there is axes and other weapons. A 4th grade class took a trip to see the Mansion and 2 boys had an encounter with a spirit. It was a white shadow. They said it looked like a girl in there mid 20's. She was in the corner crying and they went over to see who it was and nobody was there. The spirit still haunts the McClurg Mansion and the 4th grade classes still go there for a field trip.

Whitehall - Skene Manor - The apparition of a woman in a full-skirted dress and wearing a distinct ring on her right hand, haunts this old mansion. She appears for a few seconds and then turns into a glowing ball of light. There are also reports of people seeing the image of a skeleton. The mysterious lady has appeared in the dining area in various forms. Sometimes, just her hand will appear wearing a huge ring. She then materializes in the fountain behind the bar. The woman is believed to be Colonel Skene's wife. When she died, the colonel placed her body in a led lined coffin, which he kept in part of the house. After the old mansion became a restaurant, the owner placed the coffin behind the bar and built a fountain around it.

Whitesboro - Whitesboro Middle School – October 2007: The schools have been removed.

Whitesboro - Whitesboro Middle School – Clock Tower - October 2007: The schools have been removed.

Whitesboro - Whitesboro Senior High School – October 2007: The schools have been removed.

Whitesboro - Whitesboro Senior High School -room 513-October 2007: The schools have been removed.

Wingdale - Hudson Valey Correctional - Only two or so of the original approximately fifty patient, personnel, and factory buildings are still in use, now housing juvenile offenders and their guards. Beneath this compound is a virtual underground city. Supposedly, some of those patients released from the hospital as it was being closed down have returned from time to time to squat in this subterranean labyrinth. Adjacent to this compound is a cemetery, where It is believed some of the patients who died at the hospital were laid to rest.

Woodgate - Camp Truk Masonic Youth Home - This camp use to be an orphanage. It is said that every cabin there is hunted by one ghost it is also rumored that the lake we swim in is full of dead bodies, that after a child there died they would either throw them in the lake to bury them. Many of the kids have seen apparitions.

Wynantskill - Evergreen Cemetery - If you go there to take a look at the tombstones you will see a lady in a black dress. She is up on top of the hill by the headstones. If you see her she will look at you then you will turn away and then turn back around and she will be gone!!!

Wyoming County - New York State Environmentally Preserved Land - This 100 acre woodland, on the northern boundary of Wyoming County, was sectioned off by the state and preserved in its original ecological state. It is now a park, where nothing is built aside for a few dirt roads and horse riding trails. A number of people have reported seeing apparitions of Indians being massacred here. It is also said that once a year during the summer months, residents from the neighboring Indian Reservation will come up to the state lands and disappear into the woods until morning.

Yonkers - Lee Avenue - This street had so much activity that the neighbors were comparing stories that at night they experienced that beings were laying down on top of them as they turned in for the night. Also names of the children were written on the kitchen walls of several of the houses in magic marker. Nursery rhymes were heard being sung in one of the homes closets ... backwards talking was heard in the middle of the night then chairs would tip over without anyone being in them. It has left people so scared they moved away!

Yonkers - Oakland Cemetery - three woman in white are known to chase people out of the cemetery.

Yonkers - School 13 - Some students complained back in about 1995 of the bathroom doors being swung open and some complained of seeing a little girl in a white dress roam the halls.

Youngstown - Old Fort Niagara - Revolutionary War re-enactors at the fort spent a night with friends in the building near Lake Ontario and one of their friends was pushed from the bed she was in during the night. Everyone heard bumping and other noises. Also, the night before a big reenactment, a man was wandering around camp asking people if they had enough powder. He was limping, dirty and had a strange accent. Someone noticed he was wearing the uniform of a regiment that was not reenacted at that time. It became the talk of the camp that a number of people had spoken with a ghost.- March 2007 Additional Information: The French Castle at the fort is where most of the paranormal experiences have occurred.

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